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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 19 . 08 . 19


Friends! Do you know that billions of people live on planet Earth “like everyone else” because they need it and do not even realise that they live and function in systems built by people? Systems rule this world. Unfortunately, a significant part of us does not even think about it.

However, those few who do not only recognise this truth but also learned how to build and apply systems are very successful and productive, because with the help of systems they were able to solve a significant number of problems. The percentage of people who fall into this category are only about 8%. Most of the others (about 92%) do not even realise that systems rule the world they reside in and that with the help of systems, they can also learn to solve any problem.

But do you understand, dear friends, that great people, whom the whole world admires could become great only because they were able to build and use systems in different spheres of life? It is this truth that allowed them to find ways out of many difficult situations, to solve diverse tasks, to benefit society, and to become successful and wealthy.

Dear reader, if you study this topic thoroughly, you will learn how to resolve any problem in life with a systemic approach. It will make you very effective and fruitful. You will be able to solve many issues and achieve even incredible dreams. In this part of the book, we will examine in detail why systems are so important in our life.

“Western experts are convinced that it is impossible to force Russian-speaking people to structure their time and space, it is impossible to teach them planning. They are people who are addicted to gambling. They consider routine to be boring and not interesting. And if we add the external chaos, disorganisation, and unpredictability prevailing in our country, then we get a complete picture of the “features of national management” in negligence and dishonesty.”

These words of Gleb Arkhangelsky, an expert in time management (1979), perfectly reflect one of the most pressing problems of our society, the lack of a systematic approach to many vital issues, which leads the majority of is living an ineffective and fruitless life. And in general, living in chaos and unpredictability in everything. This problem affects not only the lives of individuals negatively but also a whole country especially in developing countries. The confusion reigning in many sectors, low labour productivity, low quality of life, terrible service, poverty, civic irresponsibility are only a few from the long list of problems result from the lack of a systemic approach to solving various issues. Dear friends, let us take a closer look at the consequences of the lack of a systemic approach to resolving problem.

“Fuss has never led anyone to success. ” Julian Wilson

How often do you hear expressions like these around you?

“I’ve been spinning all day like a squirrel in a wheel, I have a lot to do, and in the end, it’s as if I didn’t do anything …”

“I work a lot, but I’m not able to do anything in an organised way, so I don’t have any significant results in my life …”

“Work is a serious burden, as I need to perform all my tasks quickly but I do not have enough time: unfinished tasks accumulate, and it makes me stressed up …”

I think I will not be mistaking, dear reader, if I assume that you hear these expressions quite often. Our whole life is filled with such statements. Many people have grand intentions for their destiny, we plan and try to carry them out, but only a small percentage of us manage to accomplish our plans. Most of us never achieve our desired success in life; instead, we get depressed by our unfulfilled dreams and lack of results. But if we pay close attention to our lives, we would notice a certain pattern: we are constantly busy with something, and some of us are truly working hard in trying to change our circumstances for the better.

Unfortunately, most of us do not know, and perhaps never even realise that there is a secret that can help us solve every problem and achieve even our most incredible goal. Because of this ignorance, our lives are filled with chaos and fuss.

The lack of understanding of a systematic approach to resolving different problems makes a majority of us attempt to use our strengths to solve every problem that comes our way but always fail. As a result, we stupidly waste our energy, we get tired frequently, disillusioned, and depressed by our low results and general inefficiency in life. Often, this kind of life leads to nervous stress and negative effects on our health.

Russian poet Edward Asadov (1923 – 2004) describes “a vain life” more in his poem titled “Vanity.”

Well, what are we really doing!
Do we live?
We work, we sleep, we talk
And we ourselves do not know,
That we are always running at a run!

We rush like clockwork,
Try to stop!
Lifts and those speed –
Throw us up and down!

Everyone rushes everywhere,
Similarly, they fly on the ice.
And so sometimes in a hurry,
That they get married and get divorced
Almost not on the move.

We rush sometimes from the skin,
And even there is no guess,
That life sometimes resembles a
brief, dry outline.

When the whole life is measured,
Ask yourself:
– And how much has been done?
And tell yourself bewildered:
– Yes, it seems to be nothing. (1)

Dear reader, maybe right now you are experiencing something similar? You rush through life as a “headless chicken”, panicking and trying to solve many problems and achieve goals without thinking carefully, only to end without results. But you can boast a significant amount of acquired chronic diseases and nervous breakdowns.

If this best describes you, this week’s article is written just for you, because as Julian Wilson remarked: “Fuss has never led anyone to success.” If you study this topic thoroughly, you will understand how to end the bustle once and for all, because you will learn the most important secret to resolving every problem. You will become a highly organised person with analytical thinking, able to apply a systemic approach to different issues. You will learn how to build systems of any complexity, and as a result, your life will become successful, effective and productive. Then you can achieve absolutely any dream and goal without losing your composure and peace.

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it!

Excerpts from the Book System Building – The Key To Resolving Every Problem And Attaining Every Goal.”. #DSABOOKS

This book can be found on and


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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