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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 23 . 08 . 19


We have learned earlier this week that system rules our world and people of systems rule our world. A systemic approach to life is the path to become successful and great personalities in life. Therefore, in this second part, we will study how to build systems in details so that we can become masters of our destiny. I have previously said that only those people who know how to build systems rule this world. Any person who is ignorant of system building and does not have a systemic approach to life will live his life only serving the systems already created by someone, possessing a slave mentality.

System beats proficiency! System is more powerful than prayers and anointing. System is better than emotions, inspiration, and talent because system makes life predictable.

A system is built based on laws or algorithms; it does not need to be constantly monitored, because it functions on its own. Dear friends, I think nothing is worth doing in this life unless you have a systemic approach to it. This approach helps us to solve even the most complex problems.

“Genius is the patience of thought, concentrated in a certain direction.” – Isaac Newton, the greatest scientist, English physicist, mathematician, mechanic and astronomer (1643 – 1727)

It is very important we know that 75% of success lies in the development of the system, and only 25% is in following it. Therefore, before doing something, it is important first to sit down, think over everything, study the necessary information thoroughly, find a formula, and derive the algorithm on which you can build a system. Next, you need to make sure your system works. All this takes 75% of our time and energy. And only 25% of our efforts are spent on following the system and executing what we have calculated and written.

Isaac Newton said: “Genius is the patience of thought, concentrated in a certain direction.” This means, if you pay a sufficient price, penetrate deeply into the existing question and spend the necessary efforts to develop a specific system, it will bring you considerable success and results in life. But from a superficial and external estimation, many people who are ignorant of how this system was created will most likely think that the person who created it is a genius.

Dear friends, the truth is geniuses are not born but made. They are made through hard work. We can all become geniuses if we refuse to have a superficial approach to everything we do. You can study more on the topic of genius in my book “The creative and innovative power of a genius”.

The development of any system begins with a structure. What is structure? The word “structure” comes from the Latin word “structura” which means “a fitting together, building.”. In its basic meaning, a structure is the internal structure of something. A structure is a combination and sequence of elements which constitutes a system. In other words, we can say that the structure is a complete organism, aimed at achieving a specific goal and performing a specific function. When different structures and elements correctly interact with each other, they form a system.

For example, if we consider the human body as a single system, we can see that it consists of various structures. These include parts of the body, such as arms, legs, head, as well as internal organs: the liver, kidneys, stomach, spleen, and others. When these structures (parts of the body and internal organs) interact with each other, they constitute a single system – a functioning human organism. The sequence of actions that flow from one another and lead to a specific goal is called a process. A process is a movement, the mechanism that makes a structure and system function. Thanks to process, our body can perform a lot of functions:  we can move, communicate, work, etc. A process allows us to create structures that function in a system.

Another example of the structure is the parts of any car: engine, steering wheel, brakes, body, trunk, etc. When these structures interact with each other, they constitute a single system – a car. Each car part (structure) are well chosen, interconnected and interact with each other so that a definite goal of moving the car over long distances within a short time is achieved. Every system consists of many structures.

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it!

Excerpts from the Book System Building – The Key To Resolving Every Problem And Attaining Every Goal.”. #DSABOOKS

This book can be found on and


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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