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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

I Am Ready To Die For Nigeria – {Video}

from: 21 . 01 . 19
2 Comments to “I Am Ready To Die For Nigeria – {Video}”
Nigeria needs urgent spiritual cleansing.we need fresh revelation of truth and not cash crusade and mmm- money making ministries we are running now.
Sir, your teaching is clear and understandable. But would like to say that there is time for everything and also there is a place of applying wisdom for the scripture said that wisdom is principle thing in life. My point is this, one may be correcting and not not keeping silent yet the people will not be listening. Sir, the place of wisdom comes in when you want to correct your boss, this can not be done in arrogant or authortative. This should be done in counting your words but the person must make he/she passed his/her message. Now, permit me to digress, in Nigeria situation as at now what do you think about Our vice president - Prof. Yemi Osibanjo, I'm still worried that he is there and can not say anything to correct the wrong steps PMB took towards CJN and this is really bad and he is a Pastor and also a Prof in law. I stongly believe tjat he needs to hear this message.

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