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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

I Don’t Think Your Boldness Is Coming From Prayer Alone But From The Truth You Know

from: 13 . 01 . 20

Dear DSA.

If while you are still based in Ukraine and speaking through the Internet, your message is getting the attention of our political leaders in Nigeria, what would then happen when you’re physically present in the country? The transformation strategy is working big time. Congratulations sir!

After your message (I’m not sure what message he is referring to here) Buhari released the Shiites leader .

Thank you DSA. I don’t think your boldness is coming from prayer alone but from the TRUTH YOU KNOW. I have been watching the series on ‘System Building’ and I can confidently say that Nigeria will be transformed without a doubt. The more I see the hard work and process you have put into these systems the more I fall in love with you and what God has used you to do.

You took dangerous steps in love to help those who cannot help themselves. You carried God and revealed Him in an undeniable way. I am greatly inspired.

Thank you Pastor Sunday for your sacrifice to humanity


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