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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

I Vowed When I Left The Winners’ Chapel, Never To Do Ministry Again, I Was Suicidal.

from: 03 . 02 . 20

Dear DSA,
I have been following your YouTube Channel for some time now and by so doing, I was delivered from a near death experience.

I served in Winners’ Chapel Nairobi for nine years and made a decision to resign. I vowed when I left the Winners’ Church, that I will never do ministry again. I was so frustrated that depression set in. Only my wife knew the pain I harboured.

To support my family I tried working in several business organisations but I couldn’t really making it through. My wife eventually left me for another man who had the means to take care of things. This decision drove me deeper into depression. Everyone concluded that my case was closed and it was over for me because they thought I’d lost my mind from the things I was saying.

I left Nairobi for the village to stay away from the limelight for six years. I thought about committing suicide every now and then but God kept me. My mother prayed with me and for me daily.

After some time, I then bumped into your YouTube channel when a friend gave me a book authored by you, ‘PASTORING WITHOUT TEARS’. I suddenly was encouraged and wanted to learn more. I have been watching your messages on YouTube now for a year and a half, and I believe It’s time to get back to ministry again. I am now revitalized.

You gave me back my confidence and I want to start rebuilding from scratch again.
You have blessed my life.

Thank you again.


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