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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Why The Idea Of Giving First Fruit Offering Is Nothing But A SCAM! {Video}

from: 01 . 08 . 17
3 Comments to “Why The Idea Of Giving First Fruit Offering Is Nothing But A SCAM! {Video}”
Yes there are many so called ministers of the gospel today who had abused virtually everything in the bible not only on the aspect of money but even evangelism, sound apostolic doctrines and prayer. They have corrupt the world of God and thereby led many people to hell. There are proliferation churches today but lack the presence of God. The issue of how to `generate` money for the work of God is a major controversial matter in the body of Christ today. Some churches condemn tithe and said is not for Christians,some churches are against offering collection saying that Jesus did not collect offering If we will have to condemn first fruit( which I know that there is nowhere in the new testament that any Apostles of Christ condemned it),then we have to do the same to all means of generating money in the church. For the fact that some pastors abuse it and collect first fruit for wrong motives just like the way some churches are founded for a wrong motives should not make us to generalise and condemn it. If we don't condemn women wearing trousers to the church today,if we don't condemn women perming their hair today,if we don't condemn men marrying more than one wife in the church today, if we don't condemn pastors living large in affluent at the expense of church members and churches building universities and schools that the poor members can't afford today,then we are hypocrites. In the new testament they don't build special place for church to worship(they gathered from house to house) no church building projects,no raising funds or lunching for church building, no special offering, no sowing seed offering and no denominationalism to mention but few. But in our days all these are the order of the day. If we must condemn one none new testament practice in our Churches today, we must condemn ALL. I think the BEST FOR RAMPANT THINGS WE NEED TO MATERIALISM T HAT ARE AND IN THE BODY OF CHRIST. GOD BLESS YOU SIR AND LET THIS BEGIN.
Yes sir, Jesus is the first fruit to be raised from the dead. Every figurative speech has is derivative source in a practice. I sincerely believe proverbs 4:9 was talking about first fruits. But let's preach Jesus Christ. Thank you
The letter killeth : folks are hijacking scripture out of context to justify collecting money and every funny practice. They are just making caricature of christianity. No wonder christainity and pastors are the butt of most jokes. How many comedians do you see making jokes about other religions?

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