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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Inspiring: 16-Year-old Nigerian, Honored at American University

from: 17 . 05 . 18

A 16-year-old Nigerian is proud of her country and Africa in general in America. Oluwatofunmi Oteju, a freshman at the University of Augsburg, USA, received the New Leader of the Year Award 2018 (awarded by the university on April 8, 2018).

The award for Emerging Leaders (ELP) students during the fall semester 2017 was used by the university to celebrate students who have actively participated in student activities, student governance and student engagement. student life in Augsburg.

In recommending Oluwatofunmi for the award, her international student advisers, James Tresland Porter and Angela Bonfigilio wrote that she showed a calm presence and showed strong leadership in her short stay on campus.

” In a short time here, despite her age, she showed extreme maturity and leadership on campus,” her advisor wrote in her referral form.

The recommendation further stated that Tofunmi had been rewarded for her selfless contributions in the field of international student orientation at the university.

The University said Tofunmi impressed her with her confidence in leading Augsburg and the opportunities that surrounded her with humility.


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