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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Inspiring: 51-Year-Old Woman Goes From Homelessness and Drug Adiction To Harvard Graduate.

from: 28 . 07 . 17
Life can be hard and you can let life and circumstances get the best of you or you can defy the odds. Norma Heath chose to defy the odds.

A rough child hood led into depression and by the tender age of 12 Norma began using drugs. “My drug of choice was crack cocaine and marijuana. And everything that came with it: the lying, the stealing, the prostitution, I did it.” Her lifestyle led to her homelessness.

So how is now on her way to becoming a Harvard University graduate.

A women’s shelter, Rosie’s Place, changed Norma’s life. At Rosie’s Place she learned about the importance of goal setting. Setting goals and then working toward achieving them no matter how big or small that may be helped shape her mindset. Rosie’s Place required Norma write weekly goals. Her small goals and achievements increased her confidence which lead her to Harvard.

Norma is graduating with her Psychology degree from Harvard University. After receiving her Bachelor’s she plans to earn her Master’s and then Doctorate degree.

Watch The Video She Made From Her Gradation Ceremony Below.


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