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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 10 . 03 . 16


When it comes to change however, feelings like frustrations, anger, and irritations, can easily be converted by each person to become a powerful force of change. Basically, history tells us that the people who end up changing their world are those who had at one time or the other, felt a great irritation about whatever was going on in their community at that particular time.

Have you ever heard of the name Mary Slessor? Mary Slessor was a Scottish lady who despite lived in another part of the world was not indifferent to what was going in Africa. This simple lady from a poor slum in Dundee Scotland, left her native land just to stop the killings of twins.

It would have been so easy for her to have said, I don’t care for Africa, I would just survive here after all she was from the slum herself. Even though Mary was never married, yet she could feel the frustration of a mother whose child is been killed just because he was born a twin.

She moved to the Calabar region of Nigeria at the age of 28, converting her frustration into compassion. She lived in the same conditions as Africans, among the Efik people of Nigeria.

Mary Slessor sacrificed her personal comfort, she gave up on the dream of ever getting married. But in exchange for that she saved millions of twins. Have you ever seen twins from Africa before? That might be thanks to the efforts of Mary Slessor. Before her it was the norm not to allow the two of them to survive, one always had to die.

Many people lived in the days of Mary Slessor, many more probably heard about the human sacrifice in Africa, yet only this poor Scottish lady converted her anger into constructive energy. Thanks to her, today mothers can see their twin children grow up. It could be said that she brought civilization to that part of Africa through her sacrificial service to humanity.

For her efforts, she was known as the White Queen of Okoyong towards the end of her life. She died in Calabar in the year 1915, with no biological family or children, but she became the mother of a whole nation. That is what happens when we convert insults into constructive actions.

To be continued tomorrow with the following points:

  • A challenge from me to you
  • God’s message to you about your irritation


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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