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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 13 . 02 . 18


It is the soul, especially the mind that is the intermediary between the world of our spirit man and the physical world. If your mind and soul is not well developed therefore, you will not be in the position to express yourself well enough to be understood by the outside world. That is why sometimes we might often find ourselves in dicey situations, when we know that we want to express something to the outside world, yet we could not do it either because we did not have enough words, vocabularies or means of expression. This happens because our minds have not been proportionally developed to our spirit man.

Unfortunately, I with great sadness observe how many religious leaders teach their followers to concentrate mainly on the growth and development of their spiritual life. At the same time, this same leaders will often discourage the growth and development of the mind. The impression they give to their adherents is that the mind might not be as useful to God as the spirit is.

In the real sense though, while the spirit is indeed the most important part for us to have life. It is the most important part of us to live in the afterlife. Yet for us to function effectively here on the earth, there is no part of our being that is more important than the soul especially the mind.

“Life is growth. If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead.” – Morihei Ueshiba

An example I normally use to convince my sceptic friends goes thus; I ask them, if God intends to give the idea of a Super Jet that could fly around the world in less than an hour to any individual, let’s say he has a choice of choosing between His child, a born again, Spirit filled believer and a none Christian aeronautic scientist who has been researching the idea for decades. If God were to download the concept of that Super Jet to the spirit of the two of them, who of the two would most likely end up building that jet?

I think this is an easy guess, because the man that is praying all his life, but never read engineering at all, though might have a developed spirit, yet without a developed mind in the area of aeronautic engineering, would not be able to download the script. He won’t be able to draw the sketch, talk less of coming up with the project. If his mind is not developed in that direction, he will not even understand what the Spirit of God is trying to download into his spirit. If he does not understand what God is trying to tell him, he will not even be able to communicate it to the outside world.

Let’s say he has an idea that God is talking about a Super Jet, he would not be able to pin down the technological details. Which will be too complex for his uneducated mind. Meanwhile this kind of task will simply be regarded as a huge discovery by the scientist who has dedicated his life to it.

To be continued tomorrow {Part 3}.


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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