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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

How Listening To Pastor Sunday Has Changed My Life and Given Me a ‘New Husband’.- Bunmi Gbenro

from: 19 . 05 . 17

With great joy in my heart I write you this letter sir. My name is Bunmi Gbenro, I am from Koro in Kwara State, Nigeria. Am happily married to Rinde Gbenro who is a Pastor and from Ogbomosho, Oyo state Nigeria. We are presently living in Houston, Texas, USA as he is doing his Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling and Family life. I bless God for that day my husband connected you in the year 2003, although we were not married then when he met you, when you were in Nigeria ministering at HolyGhost Christian Center, Lagos. He told me about one of the messages you preached at that Conference, which blessed him. The message was titled: WHAT IS YOUR MESSAGE or WHAT MESSAGE ARE YOU PREACHING?

He showed me all your messages he downloaded, about 300 messages from your church’s website from that year 2003. And bought one of your books CHURCH SHIFT. Though I have not known you or even seen you before, I believed my husband when for the first-time he told me about you and your messages. And one day I could not remember precisely the year, I think that will be 2010 or 2011, I opened my husband’s laptop and went straight to listen to your messages. And that was it, I cried profusely that night. Your passion and your words slayed and melted my heart. I fell in love with Jesus more and I told myself this is a man of God I need to always listen to. That experience ended there because I was not consistent.

My major testimony and purpose of writing you is what am about to say next. Having waited and still trusting God for the fruits of the womb for over 8 years, we have been ridiculed by friends even some of my husband’s friends who are also Pastors, told us to go for deliverance but my husband will rather avoid going to meetings with them and keep himself at home while trusting God more.

The beginning of our turn around started October 2016 when I stumbled on your life broadcast on Facebook. We both started listening morning and night as my husband’s custom to listen to you and it was as if scales were removed from our eyes the more. We have been ignorant of so many things that doctrines, culture and religion had taught us from childhood.

From my teenage years, I have been asking God what is my purpose here on earth? I could not figure it out and just living my life. My husband also engrossed in church work as a Baptist Pastor for 13 years until we came to America to study 3 years ago. At a time, I thought my purpose is just to be a pastor’s wife and just support him but when I listened to you few months ago, I realized that I’m not only meant for that but I have a greater assignment and purpose to fulfill.

The peak of my testimony is about my husband. For the past two months, he has gotten addicted to your messages, especially the Facebook live broadcast and YouTube messages. We have been addicted to watching your messages. He no longer sleeps at night but suddenly became workaholic every night. For instance, 5 days ago around 11pm I was going upstairs to sleep and told him not to stay long and come to sleep. Surprisingly, I woke up around 4:00am and noticed that he was not beside me on bed and I was scared and rushed downstairs and saw him working. I saw your books around him and lots of projects he was working on and I broke to tears in my heart. He is presently working on a website and reaching out to his colleagues. This is my new Husband.

More so, for the first time in my life too because of your teaching and great understanding I leant, I have known how to say no to certain things in life. Thank you so much sir for releasing out the treasure in you to liberate millions of people. I have listened to people talk about how you have impacted them and family. My home is part of those you have liberated especially seeing my husband becoming workaholic and who he was designed to be because he had great passion for IT and he is going that route gradually even as he works in the ministry.

Today, my husband and I wanted to have a 2 hours’ nap, which I did but when I woke up, I saw him listening to your live program which was on Historical Personalities who changed the world and inspired Dr. Sunday. I was amazed he did not sleep but chose rather to listen to your live broadcast again. He began to tell me all that he listened to and he exclaimed, “I am going to learn and study history more”. He said he was happy because you just inspired him to value history which he said he wasn’t that interested with before even while in seminary, he does not like History although he knows History.

I am so glad today, you have loosed the greatness in us, the wealth in us. I have discovered myself and likewise my husband. No praying for miracles any more, working is the answer. We have loosed ourselves also from the prophesies by pastors who told us our childlessness situation is because of witchcrafts in our families. Our perspective to life has changed and all I want to say is thank you sir. We cannot thank you enough.

On behalf of my husband and I, we use this medium to wish you Happy birthday, happy golden jubilee to Dr. Sunday. More grace to you to do more for the kingdom. We love you, we love Pastor Bose and we love your children.  You and the family God has given you are Models.

Bunmi Gbenro

Houston, Texas



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