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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Live Poll: Who Do You Think Will Win The Nigerian 2019 Presidential Election? {Vote Now}

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The Nigerian presidential election race for 2019 is heating up!

Who will you vote for?

More Nigerians are arguably politically engaged today than any other time in Nigeria’s history. This is due to so many factors: joblessness, corruption in government, insecurity, poor education, poor leadership, poor infrastructure, and lots more.
Most Nigerians are frustrated and cannot wait to cast their votes and make their voices heard come February  2019.

The coming presidential election is gearing up to be one of the most competitive in history.

There are new, brilliant, and capable candidates from different works of life vying for the most powerful seat in the land, all of whom have their agendas and ideas of how they want to help move Nigeria forward.

Like we all know, in the end, only one out of over 20 formidable candidates will win by the majority vote and get to take their sit in the federal capital territory Abuja for at least the next 4 years .

Below is a poll to see who you think will win the coming elections and be Nigeria’s next president. Vote and share this poll with your friends and family, so that we can know who majority of Nigerians want as the next leader of the country before the official day comes.


Who Do You Think Will Win The Nigerian Presidential Election In 2019? {Vote Here}

25 Comments to “Live Poll: Who Do You Think Will Win The Nigerian 2019 Presidential Election? {Vote Now}”
Omoyele Sowore is the best man for the job.... All other are just there see and learn....
Why not ask who people want instead of who they think will win. Who they think doesn't mean it's who they want. Be real!
We expect people to only vote ones.
I think it would have been better if we were asked to vote for our favorite candidates instead of who we think will win, because most people would vote for who they think will win not necessarily who they love to vote for if the elections would be free and fair.
You can vote for your favorite candidate and hope he/she wins.
Omoyele Sowore His passion and commitments makes him stand out and he's not afraid to speak truth to power And he has been engaging Nigerians home and abroad. I think he stands a better Chance #TakeItBack
Impulse sphere has the pedigree to do the job no more geriatric with analogue brain
Sowore is the right person for job.. Nigerians stop falling for this old politicians who has nothing to offer you ... Say no to recyclers thieves in our political system ... Naija wise up
I cast my vote for Omoyele Sowore
Sowore2019 vote AAC
AAC,SOWORE for president.
PDP Atiku for 2019
AAC Sowore for president come 2019
Sowore2019 president
Sowore Earns my vote for now for his consistency and selfless efforts
Sowore AAC
I am an Atikulated individual Obidiently carried....
Some are popular, some are competent. Most popular win election but does not translate to most competent. I think Tope Kolade Fasua is the most competent here. Just spend some times to listen and and follow his presentations. He does not just promise, he is most honest with his promises and I see him very committed and passionate about Nigeria.
Stephen Omoyele Sowore
AAC Omoyele Sowore

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