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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


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The news of Greece and the crisis in that nation, was in the media for several months. Most of the media outlets of the world reported about the economic collapse in that nation, mostly due to their inability to fund their projects or repay their debts. But not too many know that at the heart of the Greece problem, is the inability of young people to be able to find relevance for themselves.

The unemployment rate of job seekers in Greece between ages 15 to 24 is as high as 64%. When 64% of your young people are unemployed, you hit a default very fast. Any country that cannot provide jobs, is heading to a default, either by accident or by design.

Greece had for a long time been depending on sponsorship and funds from international rescue loans. Loans don’t help a nation for too long. Even grants are not a big relief either. Because at the end of the day, when the money in the coffers of the government is spent, some more money needs to be generated to keep on funding other expenses, projects, expenditures and national needs.

Who are the people to make the money? Who are those to produce the product? The young men that are not employed? 64% of job seekers who sit at home? When that large number of work force does not produce, yet they need to eat something, the country is only left with 36% of the population of the work force, trying to carter for the rest of the population. That is not going to work, I tell you that! Because people who are consuming what is been produced, are three times the size of those who are producing. No country would be able to sustain themselves that way. The end result? Economic collapse – DEFAULT.

The picture I have just painted above about Greece, tells us the reason why the best bet and solution for the nations of the world is the ability to train men and women to take the responsibility of their destiny into their own hands. Individuals, especially young men and women must be taught to create relevance for themselves.

 “Make yourself so valuable in your work that eventually you will become indispensable.” – Og Mandino

I come from the nation of Nigeria. It is a known fact in my own country that about up to 80% of young graduates are unemployable. Now note that by the word unemployable, I don’t mean that most of these people are jobless or unemployed. When I say unemployable, I mean to say that human resources experts will rate these people as not been competitive enough to hold down a job in a really competitive environment.

To be continued tomorrow…


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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