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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Meet the 7-Year Old CEO-In-Training Who Helps Run His Mom’s Multi-Million Dollar Hair Care Company

from: 06 . 08 . 18

Gwen Jimmere, CEO, is not the only one driving the success of Naturalicious, one of the nation’s fastest growing hair care, beauty, and lifestyle companies. Caiden, her 7-year old son, has been involved in the company since it was founded in 2013, as the CCC, Chief Candy Curator.

Caiden, the 7-year old CEO in training at his mom’s company, Naturalicious

One might ask: what is the Chief Candy Curator’s role in this beauty empire, exactly? The answer is quite simple. Caiden is responsible for offering each customer an exciting experience. He handpicks a piece of candy to add inside every single online order that Naturalicious ships. It’s a sweet surprise and customers literally eat it up!

Gwen Jimmere

What’s more, adding a little something special to each order was the brainchild of this little entrepreneur-in-the-making when he was just 3 years old. Caiden explains, “My mommy was always working really hard, and I wanted to help her. She asked me what kind of job I wanted to have. I thought that everybody should get candy, because candy is a nice surprise, and it makes people smile. I started picking out candy for our customers and adding it to every order. They really love it!”

Serious about keeping his customers happy, Caiden has expanded his sweet treat shopping experience through live streaming on the Naturalicious Facebook page to crowdsource customer input for monthly batches of delectable surprises. Customers can even message him with their requests, and they wait with anticipation to see if Caiden has selected their sweet tooth-craving treat.

Caiden’s involvement as the Chief Candy Curator plays a huge role in creating one of the best parts of Naturalicious’ customer experience. He never fails to put a huge smile on each customer’s face, and he takes pride in doing so.

While his mom specializes in creating beauty solutions for busy women with products found in more than 2,500 stores worldwide, including Sally Beauty and Whole Foods; Caiden has a job that is truly the envy of every kid practically everywhere. Smart, busy women can’t get enough of Naturalicious’ products that include incredible time-saving value; and along with a handpicked treat to satisfy their sweet craving, this mother/son duo truly has concocted a recipe for success.


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