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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Meet Fatima Ajus, Nigeria’s Young Female Aircraft Mechanic Breaking The Stereotypes.

from: 18 . 12 . 17

When she puts on her overall, she’s like one of the guys, Her feminine features are hidden by her guise. She’s now free to get dirty, and get covered in grease, tackling a big engine, whose horsepower did cease. Maneuvering under an aircraft, can be hard with feminine features, the guys like to have fun, by calling her moobs. But her skills are admired.

Being a mechanic is her passion, when she’s working on an aircraft, who cares about fashion. To revive an engine, and make it run sweet. To fix an aircraft, that’s pretty neat. But when she is finished, all showered and clean, she has a beauty that is not often seen.

The young professional Aircraft Mechanic graduated from Nigeria College of Aviation, Zaria. According to reports, the pretty lady is an experienced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the airlines/aviation industry.

She’s also skilled in Avionics, Maintenance, System Safety, Aircraft Maintenance, and Airworthiness.

Ex: HowAfrica


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