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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 17 . 03 . 18


Ladies and gentlemen, as I continue to provide for you the factors of greatness, I want you to know that this factors are actually the secrets we are talking about. Of course, you might need to discover more secrets depending on what aspect of life you are looking at.

Another factor that great men and women have discovered is that success and greatness is not the working of superstitions. Success is not a mystery.  Too many people today in our world treat greatness as if it’s a factor of luck. Others go to the extent of attributing it to a factor of religious piousness. But we all know that Bill Gates, the richest man in the world is not the greatest prayer warrior around. The last I heard, Carlos Slim Helu doesn’t go on a forty-day dry fast yearly.  If we say it is religious uprightness that determines greatness, I wonder what is happening to all these millions of Christians we have in our churches. I have not seen too many of them on the list of great people of our world recently. No my dear! Greatness is not a mystery neither is it a superstition. Greatness is a matter of principles. If you know the secrets and follow the principles, you can attain greatness in your chosen field of life.

“When you are destined for greatness, it shows in everything you do. It becomes you. Greatness becomes you.” ― Lorii Myers

The next factor of greatness that we are going to examine today, is the factor of labor. Great men and women don’t see work as a curse. They in fact know that work is a blessing. They regard work as one of the greatest blessings God has given to humanity. Hence they take a good advantage of it. They work hard. I have never seen a great man who work only 8 hours a day. All great people I know don’t have limit to their working day. They work for as long as necessary. If they need to work for 20 hours they do it. If they need to work for 14, 18 or 25 hours, they do it. They do what they need to do to get the result they need.

Ordinary men however, tend to regard work as a form of punishment. They at times even run away from work. Some others try all possible ways and means to walk shorter hours a day. By so doing, they don’t realize that they are limiting their own possibilities and short circuiting their own destiny.

It is a great wisdom to realize that it is only through work we can discover ourselves. It is Gods tool for us to unveil the hidden wealth and riches in our beings. Work is also the only tool by which we could discover the wealth hidden in nature itself. It is only work that would discover the hidden gold in the soil. It is only work that would turn a coal into a diamond. It is only work that would unearth oil from the soil. It is only work that converts limestone into cement, etc. work is one of the greatest gifts of nature that we have been endowed with by the almighty God.

The next factor of greatness that we are going to examine is the factor of excellence. Great men and women are men of excellence. They don’t like to be second best. They don’t settle for less than the very best. They work in a way to give their best. Their products have to be implemented in the very best possible quality. Great men are their best critics. They criticize their work in other to improve on it. Until you become the best in what you do, you will never be regarded as great. Great men know this truth.

To be continued tomorrow…



By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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