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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Multi-Billionaire Warren Buffett Shares His Secret for Success and Happiness in Life

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Let’s take a look at “Omaha Kahini”, which attracts attention with the initiatives it has started in the childhood as well as its lifestyle.

Warren Buffet is one of the first names to come to mind when it comes to Wall Street.Following in his father’s footsteps and starting to make money at a very young age, Buffet was born in 1930. The rich future of this rich man, his father was a stockbroker was actually a fact of his childhood. With his father, who often goes to New York and communicates with business people, Buffet decided to become rich.

How Did Warren Buffet Start?

Buffet, processed in the lifestyle HBO documentary, gets shares at the age of 11 and is being put on the stock market. Starting to do this job quickly thanks to commercial intelligence, Buffet earns quite a lot of money. Warren, who buys a pinball machine with a friend and sells them to the barber for common profit, earns a lot of money at a very young age. In his high school age, Buffet, who earns $ 57,000 for his time, is enjoying the money.

After graduating from high school, this famous business person who got an offer from the university does not want to go to school. At the end of his father’s insistence, Warren returned to New York to study at university and to continue his education. Susan Thompson, who works for her father’s company, enters her home. According to rumors, the marriage of the three children is never going well. They even prefer to live apart when they are married.

Buffet, having 3 children, gets a house in 1957 after getting married. Sitting at his home for $ 31,000 in Omaha, Buffet is still one of the richest in the world, but he still does not give up and continues to live his modest life.

Warren, a 32-year-old millionaire and founded 7 different companies, has shown itself in many areas from textiles to insurance. Warren, which continued its investments with conscious risk, became the world’s richest in 2008. This rich man, who had no mobile phone and still preferred to use public transport, continued to live in the house he bought in 1957.

Although he is such a wealthy businessman who lives in a very simple life has some advice.

That advice given by Warren Buffet;

– Marry the right person. This affects your whole life.

– Keeping a dream is the worst investment you can make.

-Poped markets and bad economic situation is your friend. Never decide whether to sell the shares by looking at the economic conditions.

– Work in a company you’re editing. Fight for that. I worked for free for months until I was hired officially at Graham’s company.


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