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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

How Benson Idahosa Blessed & Prophesied To Young Aliko Dangote – The T.L Osborn Connection!!

from: 01 . 12 . 15

And I will bless them that bless thee…….Genesis 12:3

The name Aliko Dangote needs no introduction in any circles. The wealthiest man in the black race as at today and consistently so for a few years. This excerpt from the book “The African Apostles ” authored by Leke Beecroft tells a true story you’ve probably never heard. This is a validation of scriptures.

Born on April 10, 1957 in the then Northern Region (Kano State) Aliko Dangote was born to Mohammed Dangote and Mariya Sanusi Dantata. An ethnic Hausa from Kano State, he showed his love for business by selling sweets even in primary school.


As a teenager, he began to work for his uncle, Sani Dangote and it was said of him that he served diligently. Sometime in 1977 and after his 20th birthday, he approached his uncle and master and told him about his plan to establish a business outfit which would trade in cement, sugar, rice, pasta, salt, cotton, millet, vegetable oil and other products. His uncle provided a loan of N500,000 but gave a caveat to Aliko to return the loan within a deadline of three-months(this was the practice at the time).

Dangote first of all relocated to Lagos in June 1977, the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria, also, he then began to travel around Nigeria to develop a strong distribution channel for the quick and efficient delivery of his products.

A few years earlier, the Benin Airport had been constructed. This served as one of his routes to the Niger-Delta or South-South area of Nigeria.

Benin, formerly known as the City of Blood was then experiencing a great revival through 39 year old Benson Andrew Idahosa, a Bini man, who was established as a young Christian in the Assemblies of God and now pastored the Church of God Mission. Idahosa who had recently returned from a missionary school in America had established strong links with a number of pastors such as Gordon Lindsay, Jim Bakker and T.L Osborn among others.

Tommy Lee Osborn, one of the greatest evangelists in modern times had first responded to Benson Idahosa’s letters in 1962. Subsequently, a solid relationship was established over the years resulting in Osborn’s visits with his wife, Daisy to Benin on a few occasions, either for his crusades or specifically to Idahosa’s Church.

Of all the visits however, one specific visit in the late 1970s was very unique. T.L and Daisy Osborn had stayed late ministering at the Miracle Centre of Church of God Mission just opposite the Airport. They therefore went late to catch their flight to Lagos which was supposed to be a connecting flight from Johannesburg to France, England and then the USA.

By the time Idahosa took his guests to the airport, they were told that the last flight for the day was overbooked. Not one seat was available, the passengers had boarded and the flight about to take off.

Not only that, the jetliner had begun to taxi towards the runway. Benson Idahosa’s new mercedes sped towards the tarmac and screeched to a halt in front of the plane. Benson Idahosa came out and waved at the pilot frantically.

The plane stopped and the steps were lowered as the pilot came down to know what the issue was. Idahosa began “I have two of God’s important servants who must go to Lagos”. “But we are loaded to capacity. Every seat is full” said the captain. “Never mind.

Let me on board. They all know me; they see ‘Redemption Hour’ (Idahosa’s TV program).

Let me talk to them”. Idahosa obliged, climbed into the plane and walked down the crowded aisles. The passengers were annoyed. He prayed silently as he returned to the front. He turned round, facing the passengers and started “Excuse me friends, I have two of God’s special servants in my car. They must go to Lagos today on this plane. Two of you will get off now so God’s servants can board. God bless you. He waited a minute, no one moved. The silence showed annoyance by the impatient passengers. Some pretended to be asleep and others it seemed were praying. Idahosa slowly walked the aisle again. As he approached the rear, a young man rose from the back of the plane and asked the person sitting next to him to get up. Yes, said Idahosa pointing, you can go tomorrow. You can travel later he said, pointing to the other man. They both gathered their belongings and proceeded from the plane.

Benson Idahosa stopped the first man in in the aisle of the plane. He asked him “young man, what is your name and what do you do?”

“My name is Aliko Dangote and this is my assistant” the young man replied. “I am a trader, a businessman”. Impressed. Benson Idahosa responded

“The World will get up for you” the mostly Christian passengers responded “Amen”. “My God will bless you! God will take you and your business beyond Africa and bless you beyond measure”.

Just before descending the steps, Idahosa turned and raised his hands with tears in his eyes, praised the Lord and blessed the remaining passengers for their patience. They all broke out in spontaneous clapping. See you on ‘Redemption Hour’ this Sunday evening he said. They clapped as T.L and Daisy Osborn boarded for the subsequent flight.

The world has since stood up for that twenty something year old man.

Today, Aliko Dangote is a Nigerian Billionaire ($16.3Bn networth) presently the 67th richest in the world (2015) and richest in Africa. He flies one of the best jets in the country.

Believe in the Lord God, so shall you be Established, believe Also in his Prophets, so shall you Prosper! 2 Chronicles 20:20

The African Apostles:Volume 1 (Patriarchs and Pacesetters)

Oluwaleke Beecroft.

african apostles

Extract from:

76 Comments to “How Benson Idahosa Blessed & Prophesied To Young Aliko Dangote – The T.L Osborn Connection!!”
May God continus to acomplish the propheties of Dady
Thanks for sharing this excerpt from your book sir. It is indeed good to know that good deeds do not go unrewarded by God. I pray for grace to be of immense help to others, and particularly to those who reverence God with all their heart.
Hogwash. Urban legend. At best, a concocted story to confuse the gullible more. Please stop lying in GOD's name. It benefits no one, not GOD, not the people listening to the lies, and certainly not you in the long run. If you notice how i wrote GOD you will understand that I don't play with HIS name.
Aliko Dangote tells this story himself. It is a very true story!
Dont bother replying men who are at war with themselves over issues of surrendering to God
You wrote God's name in caps and so what? are just one of the bunch of whitewashed religious folks denying the power of God thereof.
You are another Thomas. Are you an Antichrist. Then only you know the god you are mentioning. Pls don't bring curse upon your life. The pharisees also doubted the miracles of Jesus Christ.
What do you mean by hogwash? That is how you people destroy yourselves. Instead of you to believe God now, you are criticizing. Is there anything God cannot do? It's left for you.
Who told u it was frictional? Parth with God's prophesy
Please don't act like a child, this is a life story.... you either learn from it or forget it.... Truth has been said... we don't want u to tell us if it's a lie or not... Thomas
How do we get this book to buy
Aliko Dangote tells this story himself. It is a very true story!
Dear Beloved Servant of God,iam pastor S.Joseph Babu i Believe in the lord of God and believe also His Prophets ,Pray for our ministry and my family
Great. I pray that Idahosa's prayer may apply to me, too.
I pray so too, thank u God
I need further proof or reference of Papa book were it was stated that it was Dangote that got up from that plane.
Dangote tells the story himself!
Read Idahosa book on "If I Be A Man Of God." You will find the story there but Idahosa did not state on the book the name of the person that stood up for T.L.Osborn
I am pretty sure that even if you were on that plane then, you'd still not believe because you are obviously not a believer......
Anyway I was a born church of God mission. Idahosa . I read this exact story many years ago from papas book but I didn't it was Dangote until Dangote mentioned it. Book-FIRE IN HIS BONE
All you need is to sleep.... if u don't believe it then go to bed
When I first read this story, I know it is very possible. God said he will not allow the words of His servant to fall to the ground. Benson Idahosa was my Pastor for many years and this account is in tandem with His modus operandi.
Faith know no race and religion.
I claim that prophetic decLaration.. "I'm the richest of our time In Jesus name!
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There were many christians in that plane that hardened their hearts but unbeleivers stood up for the man of God to sit. This is how the kingdom of God will look like at the last day. Unbelievers will take the front seats because most of us 'christians' treat God's word with contempt.
I appreciate God for this rear privilege and opportunity to be in this blog. Thnx for sharing this deep insightful mystery of God's blessings conferred/bestowed upon a man.
I am blessed. And I have learn a another lesson in life
I tap into that grace to be a part of that prophetic declaration from papa Benson Idahosa as i am a strong believer of spirit of just men made perfect.AMEN
Inspire by this article
Our God is not man that He should lie, what He says He will do, He will must surely do......Glory to God
Then why will Dangote not accept the God that has so blessed him? He needs to trust in the power and authenticity of this God.
Prophets are Agents of Change.
No mater how long it takes, any act of obedience and good must be rewarded with good. The good done to a prophet of God is like a seed of of cheery thrown in the soil, it grows and bears fruit throughout its life.
This Is Remarkable What A World. One Genuine Encounter Wit God's Servants Is All We Need 2 Move Forward. I Pray U Will Not Miss D Day Of Ur Visitation.
Great people because of Obedience
God bless you daddy
Thank God for Aliko, God indeed has blessd him beyond measure. Sacrifice as such, paves way for supenatural breakthroughs.
Thanks be to THE LORD for this heart-touching and eyes-openning testimony of how great GOD is.I bliv that the testimony is more than possible as long as GOD is involved....for there is nothing GOD can not do.@ Eze since u know the truth,why not open up and tell us the truth u knew that made the post a lie....listen to this:GOD blessed the works and labours of Idahosa,and HE is still blessing it and HE will continue to bless it....And no man can stop it,yes no man.
I am inspired. God bless u
i believe this was an opportunity that God wanted to use to bless a believer on that plane, but the believers looked on for a non-believer to get this blessing. The believers did not honor the man of God. The scripture "I have seen slaves on horseback, while princes go on foot like slaves. Ecc 10:7" is again fulfilled. We Believers want God's blessing but we have to strategically position ourselves well.
You are in the spirit. Same thought came to my heart as I was reading 2. Work and faith in action. Same word would have been spoken by Late. Bishop Idahosa then to several believers, those there was faith in them, but no work to back it up.
God does wonders and He honours the wordsof His true servants. Papa is one man that opened the way for African preachers.
Often times, we do an act of disobedience or get nonchalant with God's instruction thinking God will still pardon me, "please God, not now, later or some other time, not today". But, surely God will still pardon but we never would have known in our small minds, what we have missed, what great and mighty thing has just passed by, or what danger is ahead for such "simple" disobedience. Those Christians that were in the plane and were probably prompted by the Holy Spirit to obey but refused, would not have known that they have missed a great blessing. Who would have thought that someone with such a humble background would become this great and even known all over the world. Sure, God honours the words of his servants to bring it to pass - a truth of the Scripture. This is a very big lesson! How I marvel at God's wisdom, He in his supremacy has chosen to bless one whom we think because he is not of a particular religion cannot be blessed, it's not a must, God is just God. That is God for you. The man in question might still choose to come to calvary as God is not limited in his workings. Seeing this story, it's somewhat new and a Simple man can easily doubt and say like "it's impossible" and then hastily challenge the author. I've learnt in life not to live on insinuations or suspicion. Why not confirm the story yourself before the so-called attack, make research and get the truth of the story before using capital GOD to say 'it's a lie'. This blog is an international blog and I believe they are no mediocre to begin to post what they've not searched out and found to be true, they are even Christians whose "Yes" are "Yes".... I've been blessed, whether true or false, of which I'm not even a doubter but I believe!
God bless you for this reply, you just expressed my mind..remain blessed!
That prophecy by Idahosa on Aliko Dangote has since translated to reality. Today therefore, he has euphemistically become a blessing unto nations & mankind. God's revealed message through prophecy must necessarily come to fulfillment. High Chief R. A. David, Okpella, Edo state.
we are inspire this is a legacy we all ride upon glory to GOD in the highest
Akin to how the physical Israel of Jesus' earthly days refused Him thereby paving the way for gentiles to be brought in. Also one is reminded of the unbelieving captain who got crushed to death when food became surplus the following day after the prophet spoke...he was close to the king, yet couldn't partake of the plenty due to unbelief. May we Christians not lose out due to too much familiarity with the things of the kingdom. May we not become contemptuous of the Word when it comes to us.
thank you dady for this message i am a camerounian a belive in God almagthy i dont no and see dady benson idaosa but i no that this man was a geat man of God now i speack french i m francophone aussi vrais que les ossement dessecher du prophete elisee dans la bible.a redonner la voe a un mort qii s est renverse et est aller a son contact je declare et je crois que malgre que papa benson idahosa soit mort deja mais sa parole et ce temoigne est mon partage dans le nom de jesus et sachez que le futur jeune multimilliaidaire que la l afrique vas connaitre et que la terre tout entiere vas connaitre s apelle elgibbord assang meka romeo germain que je suis car c est par la foi que je me connecte a cette meme parole que papa benson idahosa a relacher sur mrs dankote iliko dans le nom puissant de jesus christ amen so shaly be
Single Instruction launch Dangote into his destiny, ..obedient is better than sacrifice, .I believe other who are there we regret to have allowed such opportunity pass them,.God word will never fail.
Is a great testimony but what fears me those aliko dangote acknowledge this fact that he's help came from the God of the Christians?
Merely needed to point out Now i am thrilled that i happened in your website page!.
As much as I know God can use his servants and bless even the heathen king, my problem is that what will it profit a man to have the world goods and forfeit his life. Also is Aliko Dangote aware that this blessings caused his greatness? Can we point him to it or just celebrate this while a soul goes to hell. Which one is best, to win a soul for Christ and save multitude from hell or lose a soul with world goods that atr perishable.
Our God is good and Covenant keeping God, he has never fail before, and he will never fail.if he has spoken through his servants he will bring it to pass.Halelujah.
I was Blessed by this Testimony ,as I am always encouraged by those who truly Love God and further His Kingdom by their Obedience to God , God has given me a Clarion Call /Mandate on Sept 17th the Anniversary of The Constitution of the United States of America, Calling all Apostles & Prophets specific and Ministers To Fast and Pray , at the White House in Washington DC, from 5-7 pm We will Pray taking Authority & Dominion over Every Demonic Principalities Power, Spiritual Wickedness over this Nation , We will Rededicate and Blow the Shofar's just as Joshua did at Jericho , The USA will once again be a Righteous Nation Under God in these Last Days , This is your Invitation to Participate and Yoke with what will Open the Floodgates of Heaven , GodBless you Sir , Please Share this with others
Sir, how do I get the full biography of my Bishop Idahosa.thank you and God bless you.
I think Google can help you find it.
God Bless you Daddy
So inspiring, Yes it will not cause God anything to rise dust and stones to praise Him when men refused to praise Him. We all know that they were believers of the faith in there but none respond, it is true that the saying, " My people perished because of lack of knowledge" is very clear. The God I know is not a Methodist, He has so many ways in doing things, so we as a believers have to take note.
I Harrison Nagudia do hereby claim and tap into that prophetic declaration by Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa.. "I'm the richest of our time In Jesus name! Amen..
my God the archbishop was just 39 years old and benin was experiencing great revival. am touched by the outhority he had and an act of faith that was displayed.
I'm really moved. I keyed into that word of prayer in Jesus Name. God is indeed great.
oh i connect to that story in jesus name, one day i will be testifying about my story too. God is full of promises
[…] or people you know. The story od Alico Dangote is a lesson for all. (Read the full story here: How Benson Idahosa Blessed & Prophesied To Young Aliko Dangote). Things changes and people migrate but they will never forget anything done to them or the people […]
I am really inspired by this true story. obedience is better than sacrifice. If a man of God speaks God has work to do.
It is a lesson for all God's children irrespective of our religions
I believe the story of Aliko, during Bible times, people will not do anything without a man of God giving them instructions. they will come for Prophetic word for their success.
So what happened to the assistant? He is probably the second richest man in africa.
As GOD ALMIGHTY Says, My Word will never return to ME void but till it has Accomplished that purpose which is taught.[Isaiah; 55;11] Am really really inspired and move to another dimension in my walk with GOD ALMIGHTY by this true store. As Believers Obedience is better than Sacrifice that is the Greaters Reward to every Believer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
may the Almighty God that didt it to Aliko Dangote do so to me in Jesus name Amen. and Amen
I pray to receive Recommendation In Jesus name. May I be connected to his blessings in Jesus name!!

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