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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

My Interview With The Nation Newspaper On Nigeria And The Church. – Part 7

from: 27 . 07 . 15


Instead of teaching people to pay the price for whatever they wish to get, many teachings say the opposite. We teach that you only need to have faith. You don’t need to labor.  In fact some people actually believe and they are teaching it in churches that “one day of favor is better than a thousand years of labor.” Even though that could be true, that is not the rule. That is just an exception.

The rule of life is that you work hard for your results. You don’t wait for grace or favor to give you results without working for them. We don’t teach people in our churches that truth.

If you don’t work for wealth even if you get that wealth through your parents, relatives or spouse, you are still a thief (Prov. 28:24). You are robbing the people who gave you that wealth. Because somebody worked for what you are claiming. How can you just be going to church and claiming something for yourself? That is another faulty doctrine we have, that promotes corruption in the country.

When you teach that people can claim anything, how can they claim when they are not qualified for it? How can they just claim simply because they have greed for it? We are promoting greed, we are promoting lust.

As Pastors when we preach those kind of messages, people believe us. Can you imagine, we are not talking about two hundred people or a thousand people, we are talking of millions who are going to church and hearing these erroneous messages every Sunday? Instead of us to have taught them that you would not receive anything that you are not qualified for. Instead of teaching them that no! It is only merit that qualifies you for gain. No! It is only excellence that qualifies you for profit. No! You don’t get something without going through the process of production. Yet we keep on giving people false hope and call it faith.


For The  Love Of God Church And Nation!

3 Comments to “My Interview With The Nation Newspaper On Nigeria And The Church. – Part 7”
We preached prosperity, miracles etc on our pulpits without laying much emphasis on the hardwork and diligence part of it. We were made to believe so much that our blessing, riches and wealth is tied or dependent on how much offering and tithe we could give or remit. God help us!
You are right Pastor. The churches are teaching that your prosperity/wealth is 99% miracle and 1% hard work, instead of the opposite. It's like we are going to wake up one day and someone would have deposited a million dollars in our bank accounts. That is probably a miracle that will happen 1 in a million. We really need to emphasize that God is a God of principle than of miracle.
on point papa....

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