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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

My Interview With The Nation Newspaper On Nigeria And The Church. – Part 12

from: 05 . 08 . 15


I can address this further in the future, until we deal with these wrong teachings, Nigeria will never be set free. The church is supposed to bring light, but we are putting our people into more darkness. The church is supposed to be the foundation and the pillar of truth, but we are not establishing truth. We are establishing deception. The church is supposed to be the light of the world, but we are not bringing light. We are rather submerging our people into darkness.

We have to get the church to be responsible for the state of our nation. The church is creating wrong value systems, defective virtues, erroneous teachings that have now made us who we are today. Every nation is a product of the messages they hear, of the information that go to their mind and on the values system they base their decisions on. That is why there is no way the Nigerian church of today can abdicate herself from been responsible for all the problems in our land.

I believe that we all need to respect our men of God, the fathers of the land. We must give honor to whom honor is due. The church needs to be honored and respected, yet we need to correct these things that are wrong.

We have not done a good job regarding our doctrine. We have done a good job bringing people to God. We have been guilty of preaching word of faith doctrine, prosperity doctrine, all of which are despised even in America where it came from. Over there, people are now ashamed of identifying with those kinds of teachings. We must bring back to our society a balanced Christian doctrine. We must restore fundamental truths of Christianity that the early Protestants stood for.

These teachings are what is responsible for the development that we have in the western world today. The civilization we have in our age now is thanks to the sound teachings of the Protestants. Our modern civilization is as a result of the Protestant ethics. Those truths are what we must return back to our pulpits, if we want to become a developed and civilized nation.



By Pastor Sunday Adelaja



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