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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

My Interview With The Nation Newspaper On Nigeria And The Church. – Part 3

from: 15 . 07 . 15


Pastor Sunday Adeleja

Dr. Sunday Adeleja

For us to have a corrupt value system as a nation and then be hoping to produce godly leaders is hypocrisy of the highest order. It doesn’t just happen! Of course you could have exceptions when individuals have worked on themselves and have refused to compromise with the order of the day. In those cases when such individuals refuse to live by the faulty values of the land, then there could be a difference. Those are in a very rare occasions.

It would take a miracle to have such leaders, what would normally happen is that even when such leaders emerge they would be largely opposed. They would be criticized because what they are doing will not make sense to most of the citizens. Most of the people on the ground profess different value systems.

The value systems the reformed leaders are bringing to our society would conflict with the ones that people are used to. The people would be condemning them. The conflict equals clashes. That means, there would be controversies and disagreements. These conflicts might actually lead to those governments been toppled and those leaders been removed.

That is what happened when we had a quite disciplined, God fearing, very pious leader in Muhammadu Buhari in the ‘80s. He was overthrown, and the people rejoiced, because the discipline and order he was bringing to our people was totally strange to them. We are used to living the way we like to live. We are used to keeping our freedom, our liberty, our way of doing things. If we now have a God fearing leader that wishes to develop the country, he would have to first alter the way we do things. Until we change, nothing changes. We didn’t want to change, so when Babangida who was more like us overthrew Buhari, we were happy.

The same thing happened with the government of Murtala Mohammed. He was also a very pious, God fearing and quite disciplined too. However, when he began to enforce his discipline upon the society, the society revolted and people from his very same circle, from the elite killed him. Even though Nigerians were sad about that, those people didn’t just kill him because they were power hungry. It was actually the elite of the country, the wealthy people and the civil servants of the land that cried out and protested against his reforms, which led to his death. It is clear that our value system is what is faulty.


For The  Love Of God Church And Nation!

4 Comments to “My Interview With The Nation Newspaper On Nigeria And The Church. – Part 3”
In my opinion, even though I totally agree with Pastor Adelaja about building the right systems and institutions that will uphold this nation, I still believe that the stage we are now as a nation is such that requires strong leadership. It took Jesus Christ alone to usher in a new era during His days when the Pharisees and Sadducees had pocketed the church. Even though He was killed but before then He had reproduced men of like minds who continued with His vision and dream for a new dispensation. We have other examples like Martin Luther, Martin Luther King Jnr, Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X etc who single handedly champion a course they believed in. So it is possible, and today seems to be that day, with the likes of Mohamadu Buhari and Osinbajo to take the mantle of leadership to the next level where institutions and systems are built and same are committed to like minds, men of proven character and integrity. If we lose this opportunity, it might take a revolution to set Nigeria aright.
When individuals refuse to live by the faulty values of the land, then there could be a difference. That's it!!! ?
No qusieton this is the place to get this info, thanks y'all.
Created the greatest arelicts, you have.

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