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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

‘Next Month I Will Be Turning 40, Am Still Single And A Virgin. I Only Recently Found Out Why.’ – Esther Kuganja

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This is a letter that was written to me recently. With the writer’s permission I am publishing it so that every reader can benefit from the unique and important lessons she has learned.


Pastor Sunday.

Dear Ps. Sunday

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU  personally for the teachings on women. Today when you were about to mention the reason why some women were single right now, I was all ears, waiting for an answer I have never heard before… and there it came – “…. It is because you have not found a man who has recognized and appreciated your uniqueness…” Tears were running down my face and I exclaimed, ” At last am delivered….!”

Next month I will be turning 40, am still single and a virgin (am currently taking a course with Pst. Charles Uche Emmanuel to write a book about this).  I became a Christian at age 12 and all my life the reason for my singleness that I have been hearing from my parents, relatives, pastors, friends, etc have been:

1. You are cursed – recently a cousin sent me a series on witchcraft teachings by her pastor , which she thought would be a blessing to me.  I responded frankly that they would not add value to my life, and gave her some examples of the teachings that bless me – yours… she never replied!

2. Under an evil covenant – (my Dad confirmed that in order to get protection, he ‘traded’ me, his elder daughter to some god… so I believed this for a long time) – I have been to all deliverance services, without number, sown seeds, even changed my name to get rid of the curse, etc)

3. You don’t wear make-up

4. It’s because of the way you dress, you don’t use tight-fitting clothes, etc (a RCCG pastor told me this)

5. I need to go to the gym – meaning am too fat

6. Am too educated, and now that I want to do a PhD?

7. You don’t smile all the time

8. You are not social

9. …etc

Well…. I came to believe all these reasons all my life until 2013 when I started listening to your audio teachings.

No one has ever told me the only true reason until today! I wept because of the hurt buried within me that I did not even know was still there, even though I have embraced my singleness as a gift from God and am now focusing on my purpose (thanks to your teachings).

Thank you Pastor for bringing healing to my whole being.  I love myself more, I am more joyful and confident these days than ever before because at last someone has told me the truth – YOU!

By Esther Kuganja

Leamington Spa


To listen to these teachings on Women click here

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Please leave a comment and let us know how this piece has blessed you.

8 Comments to “‘Next Month I Will Be Turning 40, Am Still Single And A Virgin. I Only Recently Found Out Why.’ – Esther Kuganja”
Wow so bless truely
Many thanks Abigail
Truly, deeply blessed by this. This beautiful piece brought tears of joy to my eyes; knowing that despite the decadence, there are "true prophets who have not bowed to Baal". My dear Sister, you are truly blessed, I join heaven in celebrating you cos you are a rare gem. Remain blessed.
Thanks for your kind words Tosin. Am glad were blessed!
Esther, God bless you for staying true to this point. However, I still think singleness at 40 is not God's perfect will for your life. If your father told you he did what he did, I think you should seek more counselling and prayers from a true servant of God. I also don't completely agree with the idea that you're single because you have not found a man who appreciates you. Be absolutely sure you ain't the problem. You're blessed my sister.
Thank you Folarin, Blessings to you too!
Rubbish, it not s blessing from God the church love single women because they do the most work and there hardly any men because the church has failed them, by forgetting the importance of relationship and accepting women in church having children out of wedlock and not guiding them in hoe to rush young Christian, giving no support to single mothers. Your single because you were surrounded by negative. Get involved in single Christians and find s husband, church leaders have no problem in finding there own children husband and wife
Thank you Ann, you are right - the church has failed in many ways. Dr Sunday Adelaja addresses these issues and much more on his Facebook daily broadcasts. He shares on how we can correct wrong mind-sets, and negativity and I have benefited a lot from these teachings. Hopefully church-leaders and everybody are listening.

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