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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Nigeria has been raped! It’s time to restore her to the dignity that God originally intended. – Davida

from: 11 . 10 . 16

A great empowering and paradigm changing book that helps change how you see yourself in relation to the decaying world around you.  It helps you see yourself as the part of solution to the problems the nation faces rather than  a helpless victim of circumstances created by others beyond your control.  It opens your eyes to some of the reasons why there is a problem in Nigeria and points at the blind religiosity that has invaded the nation.

In the book Pastor Sunday tells us that (paraphrased in my own words):

Every person, including every Nigerian is created in Gods image. They have been created with God’s creative ability. God set the example of creating in the beginning. His intention is that we carry on the creation process and start inventing solutions to people’s, the nation’s and world’s problems.

It’s time to stop seeing everyone around you as somebody and yourself as nobody.  As a Christian you carry the creator In you.  The same power that created the whole universe is in you.  God can do all things through his mighty power that is at work in and through you.

It’s time to stop closing your eyes to all the problems and decadence you see around you.  It’s time to stop asking what can your brother, uncle, leaders, politicians and government can do for you.   It is time to start seeing yourself as the solution to some of these problems through God’s power that is now being activated in you.

It’s time to start asking yourself: “What can I do for my country, Nigeria.”  Ask yourself, “What can I do for the needy, the youth, the elderly.  What can I do for my uncle, leaders, politicians and government.”

Ideas will come, solutions will come and you will run with them.

The Kingdom of God has come. The will of God will be done!  The heaven is the Lord’s jurisdiction, the earth, he has given to the sons and daughters of men.  The will of God will be done in Nigeria as it is in Heaven.

Nigeria has been raped.  It’s time to restore her to the dignity that God originally intended.  Will you arise and be a part of the solution?


Get Your copies Of This Book today on  AMAZON or  OKADABOOKS NIGERIA


Get Your copies Of This Book today on  AMAZON or  OKADABOOKS NIGERIA


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