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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

What Nigerians Missed – President Buhari’s Most Ground Breaking Decision Yet. (Part 3)

from: 19 . 04 . 17


Unfortunately, because of our cultural mindset, most of our people will think it evil or negative to be called a whistle blower. This is due to the fact that the society despises the so called snitch, rat, tattletale, while in Nigeria they are called names like amebo, odale, etc. In a culture where this is wide spread, most of the people will be reluctant to participate in this government effort.

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

However, if we are to build a better future, for our children and posterity, we must stop thinking of the consequences of doing the right thing to ourselves. It is time for us to start to think about the general good and the future of our beloved nation. The most important thing for the whistle blower is to be aware that the information he is providing can be substantiated, that is they are not based on libels, lies and slander.

A whistle blower could be defined as someone who is driven by the greater good of the country and hence voluntarily discloses information at his disposal in good faith and discretion. A whistle blower informs the authorities about a possible misconduct or violation of the law that has occurred, is ongoing or about to take place.

“The first sign of corruption in a society that is still alive is that the end justifies the means.” Georges Bernanos

Even though the government has done a good job by passing this policy into law, I however think they are underestimating how much marketing and promotional work needs to be done for this policy to take root in our nation. This is especially obvious in light of the recent return of former governor James Ibori to Nigeria. The celebration and the atmosphere of merry instead of solemnness that surrounded his return to Nigeria suggests that our people need to be better informed.

“I will surely strike my hands together at the unjust gain you have made and at the blood you have shed in your midst.” Ezekiel 22:13


In a country where people are rejoicing that a convicted government official has given them a little bit of the goodies he stole instead of reporting to the appropriate government agencies, shows that something must be done to correct the people’s value system. It is obvious that the people are not aware that the goodies and spoils that are being distributed to them by these corrupt individuals is part of the money that is meant for them, the masses. In a situation where a corrupt politician dolls out a million US dollars, be sure that he has stolen about a billion US dollars from the people. He has only given them one percent of what is meant for them. Yet, my people gullibly rejoice and go as far as fighting to protect these corrupt officials.

“A just king gives stability to his nation, but one who demands bribes destroys it.” Proverbs 29:4

Another fact that confirms the need for more propagation of anti-graft policies in the country was recorded a few years back when another governor was arrested overseas, yet managed to escape and run back to the country by disguising as a woman. On his arrival, his people were celebrating him while attacking the government. Blaming the government for his so called plight while totally ignoring the abuse of office and the corruption charges he faced. To his people he is seen as a hero because they had managed to receive some crumbs from his enormous spoils. Unfortunately, these people are celebrating and fighting for the rights of the official who has led them to the abyssal state they are in right now.

It is like a man who stole all your belongings that are worth a million US dollars and then comes back to you to act as the philanthropist while giving you back $10 US dollars. Using $10 US Dollar of your one million dollars to give you a feast. The uninformed populace meanwhile rejoice and celebrate because they had a feast. Some of them even go to the extent of risking their lives to protect the corrupt officials. This is the picture of what is happening in Nigeria right now. This is the more reason why NGOs and civil societies should take over this campaign to sanitize and get our people better informed.

As I write right now, there is an ongoing drama where a federal senator is being charged and looked for in America as a criminal, meanwhile he is a senator here at home in Nigeria. The reason why he was elected as a senator is because he has been splashing some of his money on the electorate and the people keep on supporting him.

I am aware that there is an online portal and telephone number that could be used by these whistle blowers to submit their information through email or by telephone, yet not too many people know this information. That is why I believe that such information must be propagated and made readily available to all Nigerians wherever they are.

Government Contact Information For Whistle Blowers;
Tel: 09098067946

It is my believe that if this policy of whistle blowing is well propagated and promoted to the general public, every Nigerian will stand to gain and our country will be the better for it.


Andrew Yakubu whistle blower got N250,000,000:00 instantly from FG. We (EFCC) have been receiving more whistle blowing information since Andrew Yakubu raid, we will attend to all and we are aware of those hurriedly relocating their loots but unfortunately those helping them in the relocations are updating us. Blow a whistle today and receive an instant 5% of the loots from FG. – EFCC


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By Sunday Adelaja


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