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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Nigeria’s Adebayo Alonge Becomes The First African To Win Deep Tech Global Challenge & €100,000 – {Video}

from: 21 . 03 . 19

Nigerian’s Adebayo Alonge has made the country proud by winning the 2019 BNP Paribas Group Deep Tech Prize for inventing hand-held nano-scanners that can detect fake drugs. gathers that the award, under the umbrella of Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge, is a renowned global startup competition designed specifically to address the needs of deeptech entrepreneurs across several different industries and technologies.

Adebayo Alonge receiving the prestigious award and is the first African to do so.

The Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge gives scientists and deeptech entrepreneurs from across the world a platform for their research and projects, providing equity-free prize money as well as other funding opportunities, global visibility and connections with key players in the deep tech innovation network.

Alonge who was emotional while receiving the award, said: “Thank you so much. It’s been a long journey personally for me, from the 15 years when I was surviving from a fake drug to standing today in front of you here and letting you to be in my dream and the dream of my co-founders to make sure that most of people are safe from fake medicines.”

One Comments to “Nigeria’s Adebayo Alonge Becomes The First African To Win Deep Tech Global Challenge & €100,000 – {Video}”
My countrys' name -Nigeria has been written in gold and consequently immortalized by a Great compatriot and illustrious son. You are hereby commended and extolled. Congratulations and Welldone sir. God blessed Nigeria.

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