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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 09 . 08 . 18


The only thing Paul had was his consciousness. What Paul had going for him was his right mindset. He had his focus right. While Philip was focusing on what He didn’t have rather than on what he had, Paul didn’t make that mistake. He was rather focusing on the little he had and how to maximize it, rather than on those things he didn’t have.

According to that scripture in Col. 1:29, the only ground that Paul had upon which he based his exploits was the awareness and the faith that God’s power was working in him. He couldn’t fall back to his time with Jesus. He couldn’t rely on the memory of how Jesus did things. No. he could not fall back on his experience with Jesus. He couldn’t even fall back on the fact that he had a personal relationship and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. He could not fall back on his years of living with Christ. No, he didn’t have as much to fall back on.

While Philip needed to see God the Father so that he could work mighty things, Paul on the other hand was working those mighty things, just on the fact that he is conscious that God is in him. He didn’t need to see God physically. He only needed to be aware of the God in him.

What I am trying to tell you my dear readers is the fact that if you could have as little as that same awareness that God is in you, you are ready to do anything you wish to do in life. You don’t really need much. What you need is that same awareness of God’s power working in you as Paul had. A simple awareness of what you carry is enough for you to do exploits for God and man. You don’t really need much, you only need to get your awareness right, and then the world is at your feet.

If you can get your consciousness focused correctly on what you know, that God is in you, then you are ready to go and become anything you wish to become. Your focus is what matters, are you focusing on what you already have? Or you are focusing on what you lack?

Philip had so much, at least he had Jesus standing right there with him; yet he was focused on God the Father he thought he didn’t have. Any time we are busy thinking of things we don’t have, we become blind to the obvious things within our reach. Focusing and thinking of what you lack only makes you poorer. Whenever your focus is on what you presently lack, you will not be able to maximize the little you have.

As in the case with Paul, he didn’t have the company of Jesus, he didn’t have the presence of the other disciples, and he didn’t have the 3 years of training. He physically didn’t have anything tangible to fall back on. Nothing to show physically as his evidence. The only little thing he had was not physical, totally intangible. A simple awareness that God is in him, that is all. He couldn’t show that to anyone, but Paul held on to that knowledge. That knowledge became his stronghold. It became his vantage point and through that he worked wonders for God.




By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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