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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 11 . 08 . 18


Let’s now compare the revelation of Paul with what Philip had; Philip had Jesus physically with him and yet could not believe that he had all that he needed for life and exploits. Paul on the other hand never saw Jesus, he never had Him with him physically. He rather developed his awareness based on what he knows that God is in all of us. He focused so strongly on that awareness that he basically could see God working and doing wonders through him.

Friends, your focus creates your pictures of life. Paul’s focus created his paradigm. His focus created his reality of life. His focus created his world view. His focus created the pictures which he eventually lived out in real life.

If you want, you could call it faith. By faith Christ dwells in us. By faith we know his power is in us and through faith we see him work in us. That faith breaks the limitation of our humanity. It cracks open the limitedness of our human power. So much that we are now aware and sure that whenever we step out, we know we work for him but not in our mind. We work for him in the might of His power that is in us.

In Jesus’ answer to Philip, He kind of rebuked him saying “if you have seen Me, you should know that you have seen the Father.” Jesus is trying to tell Philip and the other disciples – even Me, I am not seeing God the father physically while here on earth, but you see me physically. You have a great advantage than I have in relations to the Father. Even Jesus while on earth had to see the father through the power of his faith and focus like Paul did, not physically like the disciples saw him.

On the other hand, Jesus operated with the Father here on earth through the power of awareness. He was aware that the father was with Him. He didn’t need to see him physically. He focused on that awareness that the Father said He will never leave him nor forsake him. Through the right focus He could magnify the awareness that God was with Him. Through that power of focus, he could see the father working in and through Him on the earth. Jesus never demanded for God the Father to come to the earth physically to be with Him so that He could function. He was simply using the same principle He was trying to teach His disciples. Amazingly Paul who was never with Him, got it.

Like Paul, Jesus would often say things like – it is not me doing the work, it is My Father in me doing the work. He will often say, if you see me you have seen the Father. He will often say, I have come to reveal the Father. He will often say, I and the Father are one. Where did He get these assurances from? He got it from focusing on what He knew. He got it by focusing on the power of His awareness. If you like you can say He got it through the power of faith.




By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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