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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 12 . 08 . 18


The secret of the power working through Jesus is that, by faith, He realized that God the Father was inside Him doing the work through Him. So through His eyes of faith, Jesus could see what Philip couldn’t see. He could see God in Him, working through Him.

The secret of producing the same result as Jesus, Paul and other disciples produced, is in the same principle – The awareness and the focus on the God inside that is working through us. If you too will believe that God is in you, working mightily in you as He did with Jesus and Paul, you will begin to see the same results as they saw. Your focus must be on the God in you and His power working through you. Your focus must never shift to what you don’t have. Your focus should never be given to those things you lack. Let your focus always be on what you are aware of – the God that is working mightily through you!

Jesus once told His disciples that those who believe in Him will do the same work as He did or even greater works. For us to do what Jesus did and greater works, we must believe as Jesus believed in the One that is inside of us, working mightily with His power through us. Jesus had to believe that the Father was in Him doing the work. So also must we believe that Jesus and God the Father are in us, working mightily in us to do God’s will on the earth.

Learn to utilize your awareness of God. Don’t just keep the knowledge in your head that God lives in you. It is your active awareness of that knowledge that releases His power to work through you. That is why the Bible tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God. It is that faith in the awareness of God working through us, that activates and empowers the knowledge we have in our mind.

Ladies and gentlemen, will I be right to now say that you and I have no excuse to be ordinary? If God’s power is in us and we are aware of it, and we could focus on that awareness, if we could picture God working mightily through us, it will be a shame and a disgrace for us to be ordinary. You and I don’t have an excuse to be ordinary. That is the secret behind the ministry of Paul the Apostle. He clearly could picture Jesus the hope of glory, working in and through him mightily. This he accomplished through the power of focus, and the power of faith.

When you and I begin to believe, when we begin to focus right, when our focus is on the awareness of His mighty power working though us, then we shall begin to witness the same wonders Paul witnessed in His ministry.

Remember, even the Lord Jesus used this same secret to do the extra ordinary in His life and ministry. He focused on the awareness that God the Father was in Him and with Him. Then He stepped out by faith to act in that assurance and awareness.

If we will emulate our fathers of faith, if we will follow in the footsteps of the author and finisher of our faith, that same faith will work for us to do and undo in His name and for His glory.


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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