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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

No More Late Deliveries!! Yudala Launches Nigeria’s First Drone Delivery!!!

from: 30 . 11 . 15

Amazing concept: Composite online and offline retail chain, Yudala, appears to have made  the first ever drone delivery in Nigeria.

As The Political Economist reports, the order in question is said to have been placed by a certain Yetunde Lawal, who happens to be a first time visitor to the Yudala.

The drone took off from Yudala’s headquarters in Lagos, hauling the product to the amazement and delight of onlookers, until it arrived its destination at Lawal’s place of work.

Drone delivery may just have come in time to jolt Nigeria into a new era of logistics, thus  leapfrogging the ubiquitous infrastructural challenges that continuously stare the country in the face.

Unavailability of transport infrastructure for instance has largely contributed to traffic congestions on our road, and looks to persist. However, Yudala’s drone exhibition has shown that despite the state of the road, a solution to prompt delivery of goods isn’t far off.

Yudala launched in Lagos a little over four months ago, with a unique online-offline approach to eCommerce. The startup has since expanded its retail space across eight more cities in Nigeria.

One Comments to “No More Late Deliveries!! Yudala Launches Nigeria’s First Drone Delivery!!!”
Nice one but it seems their website is not available at a the moment.

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