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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

“The ministry that God has blessed me with & has helped me to build is the dream of every bishop & G.O in Nigeria”

from: 05 . 11 . 18

Hello Friends,

I recently had an interview with a Nigerian news outlet where some interesting questions were asked. I am sharing the questions and answers with you because I believe they will help enlighten and explain some misconceptions people have about me and what I am about. Please read, and share this piece so that others can also benefit from it.

Pst. Sunday Adelaja
For The Love Of God, Church and Nation

Question 18:

You are now almost living in the cyberspace online. What is happening to your ministry?

I pray what is happening in my ministry will happen to most people in Nigeria. I think the ministry that God has blessed me with and has helped me to build is the dream of every bishop and G.O in Nigeria. Every pastor will like to have the kind of church that I have and that is why all of them are running to Europe and America to start churches. But they cannot have the kind of church that I have been able to build in Ukraine.

Nothing is happening to my ministry but over the past 24 years, I have been able to raise ministers and pastors who are taking care of a large chunk of the work that I used to do personally. So, what I am now doing as the senior pastor of the church is to train the leaders and ministering to the church once a month while my junior pastors are the ones running the local churches.

We have over 400 churches in Ukraine; in the city of Kyiv, we have 40 churches. All over the world we have started over 2700 churches in different countries and of course you know that 99% of our church is made up of white Caucasians. So, by the time anybody is able to do that and yet not sit down in church and make themselves the superstar and a little god, but are able to set themselves free and delegate the work to other ministers and release them, then they can understand what I am doing.

That is the kind of Christianity we need to practice in Nigeria, when no G.O or pastor is accruing the people to himself as his own slaves, but is setting the people free and encouraging them to pursue their own calling. That is the kind of Christianity we need to get back to in Nigeria. Not privatizing church and the people that God has died for.

I was able to set myself free because of this understanding to be able to minster more to the people on the internet and the world at large. So the church is prospering with me or without me. Another reason I had to do that is because I know I am coming to Nigeria and since I am returning to Nigeria, I need to start getting off from the church so that they can learn to survive without me while I am still here so that when I am finally gone they would even be able to thrive the more.


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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