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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 26 . 08 . 19


Greatness isn’t made for a particular class of people; there are people with incredible IQs who haven’t done anything close to what a man with an average IQ driven with obsession has been able to. You can be great too, but you need to fully understand how to harness the power of obsession.

Millions of people have misjudged the power that obsession wields and as a result, fail to accomplish greatness; don’t join them in their ignorance. To make an impact in this world, you need to tap into this grossly underestimated power of obsession.

All around the world, people have been relegated to a life of averageness because they fail to realize that the master key to greatness is in their obsession and that they have the power to use a tremendous pool of obsessive drive within them to make an unprecedented impact on their generation.

There was once a young man who had dreams of being a doctor; he intended to build hospitals in rural areas so that poor people could have access to quality healthcare. Today, he works as a clerk for a pharmaceutical corporation. What went wrong in his life? Simple – He approached a big challenge with a small mentality; he wanted to achieve great impact without the most important tool, obsession. He ended up like many others before him, who made the same mistake.

In Africa, 48.5% of the entire population lives in extreme poverty. The ailment of averageness has permeated even into the most developed nation in the world, with more than 35% of Americans depending on the government for financial aid. Mediocrity holds the world hostage, but we can all do something about it with what we already have inside of us waiting for positive and highly beneficial use.

 The will of the Creator is that each of us will work hard, fulfil the purpose of our creation, and leave a mark on the world. To fulfil God’s purpose, we have all been imbued with the ability to work, but working alone won’t help you pull off all that you’ve been put on this earth to accomplish.

If it is just hard work that is needed to touch as many lives as possible, bricklayers or construction work laborers would probably be the ones making the most impact in this life. There is one major secret that separates the people that achieve inspirational greatness and the people that continue to live in mediocrity.

This quality is what is about to be exposed to you by reading this week’s article – It is being obsessed with your purpose of being on this earth.

It is indeed a great mistake to think that exceedingly great impact is only for certain people; careful attention to history has proven it over, and over that, a specific quality is common to every high flyer that has lived in the past or that is alive today.

Everyone who has achieved exceedingly great things and succeeded in leaving a mark on his generation had a highly desirable characteristic called obsession. But obsession has been so misunderstood in our modern world that many people are ignorant of the fact that the most important requirement to their greatness in life is this wonderful treasure called obsession.

There is no one on earth that does not have one thing or the other that he or she really likes doing; you may like spending time with your loved ones, watching your favourite sports team play, being at a live program featuring your favourite artiste, or watching that TV show you really love.

It cannot be so bad that there is nothing you do with some level of admiration or enthusiasm. Think about the way you feel when doing the things that you certainly like to do; sometimes your heart jumps in excitement, and at other times, your fingers tend to tingle in anticipation.

 All these expressions are evidence of how human beings exhibit passion in one form or the other. Passion lives deep within the soul, but it most often expresses itself loudly and clearly on the outward.

People express their emotions in different ways, and all of these are rooted in nothing else but a passion. Yet, some people find it so difficult to find out what they are passionate about; some will even argue with you that they are not passionate about anything.

Well, let me begin by telling you that saying that you do not have any form of passion can be no further away from the truth; because passion is an inherent characteristic of every person, and without paying careful attention to yourself and your emotions, you may not realize the areas your passion is being directed or in what capacity you have been expressing it.

I like to tell you about Debby, who related her story to colleagues in her human psychology research team when she was in graduate school. She stood in front of the main campus of the University College London hoping to get as many responses as possible for the preliminary investigation they embarked upon to create an experimental design for their project’s statistical studies.

A group of students walked towards her direction after waiting for a little while. She smiled warmly and walked up to them. “Good morning, my name is Debby, can you spare some of your time? I am working on a research project, and I have one or two questions I’ll like to ask you guys.”

The students looked at each other and nodded uniformly, “do it fast please” one of them said, “We still have some time before our lecture.” “Oh, thank you,” Debby replied as she faced the first of them.

“On a scale of 1 to 10 and with regards to life in general, with 1 being not very passionate and 10 being extremely passionate, how passionate would you say you are in nature?” She asked. The first person considered the question for a minute and answered, “I’m quite laid back, so I’d say 3.” The next person said, “Well, I think 5.5, at most, 6.”

Later, when Debby was reporting her findings to her colleagues, Debby said most of the responses she got were in the range of 4 to 6. She claimed that out of the 25 people she interviewed, only 2 people admitted being passionate in the range of 8 or 9. One said he was highly passionate about reading novels while the other said she loves dogs so passionately.

Considering Debby’s story, can we say it is good enough (if it is true) that only 2 out of 25 people know exactly what they are really passionate about?

The interesting question is – out of the people that seem to be confident about the areas of their passion, what percentage has a passion that is useful or beneficial to this world, and not just to themselves?

Someone may just be passionate about having different kinds of dogs as pets, and all she is focused on is the companionship she gets from her pets, not that she wants to bless the world in any way with her passion.

Some other people are so passionate about reading novels; they do not miss any latest novel in town, but the real question to ask is how this habit and passion is relevant to the human race?

If only a few people recognize their passion in a nation, and the majority of them are not using it to bless their country in any significant way, then what is the hope of that nation?

This is why I think we are in trouble; nations of the world are in serious trouble if there are not enough people who have recognized a passion in them to change the world, to solve the problems of mankind, and to express their love for humanity. 

“Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” —  Harriet Tubman

To be continued Tomorrow, don’t miss it!

Excerpts from the Book “Obsession The Master Key To Leaving An Impact On Your Generation”. #DSABOOKS

This book can be found on and


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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