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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 01 . 09 . 19


When people see or hear the great things that God is doing through me and The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations, they marvel, but we didn’t just get to this point on a platter of gold. It has been the result of the grace of God and hard work.  We played our own part by yielding to God’s direction and working assiduously at it and then allowing God to crown our effort. In the early years of the ministry, I almost gave up because of discouragement and frustration. With all my effort in trying to draw people to my church through extensive use of the media, the people remained indifferent. I attributed the cause of their indifference to the colour of my skin and went to God with a heavy heart one night, crying and complaining about it to God.

It was at that point of meeting with God that I discovered that I had not really been working enough to get the kind of result that God has promised me in several visions. Aside from the media publicity, I was just sitting at the pulpit and waiting for people to pour in. That night God told me ministry is not about the pulpit, promotion, and advertisement. It is about people. Hence, I was told to get out of the pulpit, and go and look for the needy, the down and out, and those looking for a touch of His love. God told me to take off my tie, roll up my sleeves and go to work where preachers will not go. That is real work!

It was when I received that revelation that I came to the realization that ministry is about touching people with God’s love, and I promised God to do all I can to fulfil the ministry.

That was the beginning of my breakthrough in ministry. Before that encounter, there was this alcoholic that once came to my church one Sunday morning. She introduced herself as “Natasha Alcoholic” and told me how she had been fruitlessly fighting the addiction that has become a part of her, hence attaching it to her name.

I listened to her, but since she was not the kind of audience I was targeting then, I didn’t give her much attention. I just ministered to her and asked her to come back again. So after I got that revelation from God, I pleaded with God to bring her back again, and by the mercy of God, she returned for the next bible study. There and then, I asked her to take me to the parts of town where I can meet people like her―the homeless, drug addicts, and prostitutes. Natasha introduced me to the outcasts of the society, and I took over from there in obedience to the revelation. To me, that was the beginning of my ministry. As I tirelessly ministered to these people, day and night, in almost every ramification, a supernatural move of God took over my ministry.

Within a short time, a number of addicts were transformed, and their surprised families wanted to go to the church that brought about the change in the life of the loved one they have given up on. Within a year, 1,000 people had joined the church, and its name was changed from Word of Faith Bible Church to God’s Embassy (a place where people can find help). The following year membership increased to 2,000, and today, to the glory of God, there are over 25,000 members at God’s Embassy and over 100,000 in satellite churches.

The kind of result you get from your work is dependent on the level of your obsession with the work. When I received that revelation from God, the nature and ethic of my work changed. I gave all of myself to work and inspired every member of the team to do likewise, and as we all worked tirelessly and sacrificing a lot in the process, the result started pouring in.

 This is applicable to every field of life. If you are struggling to get a result in your field, check your work rate. That will tell you how obsessed you are about your work and vis-à-vis. Truly obsessed people are workaholic. That is one of the non-negotiable secrets of their great achievements.

Dear reader, if you once thought work is a curse, I hope this week’s article has changed your mind-set on work. The story of Elon Musk, the Williams sisters, and myself is few among many of success stories achieved not by prayers or miracles but hard work.

Successful people in life are tireless workers and obsessed with their mission.

Excerpts from the Book “Obsession The Master Key To Leaving An Impact On Your Generation”. #DSABOOKS

This book can be found on and


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja.


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