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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Pastor Chris Is Wrong AGAIN – “Men Of God” Are Not Infallible, God Allows Them To Fall – {Video}

from: 06 . 07 . 19
One Comments to “Pastor Chris Is Wrong AGAIN – “Men Of God” Are Not Infallible, God Allows Them To Fall – {Video}”
God bless you, pastor Sunday. Thanks for clarifying that all men are fallible, and I know that perfection is a certification by God and any man can't adjudge himself perfect. However, sir in a bid to making clarity let's not create another confusion for believers , especially the young ones by saying we all are sinners. Then why did Jesus die on the cross? I believe as a Christian I'm righteous via Jesus' ultimate sacrifice and I can be holy, has Jesus challenges us to be holy. And I believe that faithful is he who can keep me from falling away and will bring me with great joy into His glory presence without a single fault (Jude 24). I know you are a crusader for God's kingdom. Please, keep doing it without hatred for the Vessels of God, because we see in part and we know in part. God bless you, Pastor Sunday. I sincerely admire your person and the grace of God upon your life. I know one day God would grant me access to you, because I need to learn alot from a Territorial and global Shaker and changer like you. From Oluwaseyi Osho

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