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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Pastor Sunday, Your Reward Is Accumulating In Heaven – Njokuocha Ugochukwu Joshua

from: 02 . 11 . 17

It is my pleasure to write you this letter. I am Joshua by name, 28 years of age. I have been following you for some time now, but became more addicted since you began your live broadcast.

As of now, I’ve stopped listening to every other thing from religious circles. The reason is obvious; in my humble opinion, you operate at a different level from every other known preacher, both in spiritual and mental depth, with glaring evidence in societal transformation (which is my core interest). In addition to these, you have decided to pour out yourself to anyone who cares and

I’ve also decided to gulp in as much of pastor Sunday as I can, and the combination of these factors has relegated all other preachers in my schedule. God knows I do not mean to flatter you.

I had been pastoring for two years until I resigned by June this year. WHAT A LIBERATION THAT WAS!!! I was liberated to immerse myself into your teachings.

I had been engaged seven-days-a-week, morning to night! I had to sneak out most times to find a place of solitude/value addition. Now, I have been set free; free to continually be alone with my God and all your materials; videos, articles and books.

As a matter of evidence, between June and now, I have downloaded and listened to (watched) all the HMTs available on your YouTube page, this is IN ADDITION to other teachings of yours, including the latest series on the African Church. It’s been a wonderful journey, and I just can’t get enough!!!

Finance has been quite a challenge, and that has made it impossible to join the live broadcast, but I did not let it deter
me! I stay awake every night (from 12am to 4am) in order to download all your videos at cheaper data rates and spend the daytime watching those videos and studying.

And if you may know, I am yet to visit the sound cloud and telegram that you’ve been announcing, because I prefer to pay the price; deprive myself of sleep, endure the affliction of mosquitoes and inevitable power outage, including poor network every night, just to be able to download your videos.

The pleasure of having your teachings visually is worth the price.

Thank you for pouring out your life as a drink offering to the LORD, and for the benefit of us all. I am most certain that your reward is accumulating in heaven.

Yours Sincerely,
Njokuocha Ugochukwu Joshua


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