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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 06 . 01 . 20

Dear DSA.


I just woke up this morning having dreamt that I met you in my city in Nigeria. You were a policeman screening commuters and their vehicle particulars. I approached you to talk with you, and though you tried not to be noticed, I recognised you and found out that this was one of the strategies of your homecoming. As I was about to write down my dream to tell you, I saw the caption of a new video titled “How the Big man syndrome is killing Nigeria”; and as usual, my wife, kids and I started watching as we normally do, and yet again, it was a mind blowing revelation.

I used to think that you are among the top 5 influential people I know, but now I’m tempted to say that Nigeria is blessed to have the most graced, bold, truthful and influential person on earth in our generation. People like you usually come only once in a millennium or at least, half a millennium. What you are releasing to the world are not just stories, but information backed with researched facts and figures that cannot be denied. You’ve so far touched on all aspects of the crisis and problems of Nigeria, and if these ideas and information are taken seriously and worked upon, based on the solutions you’ve presented, Nigeria will become a first world country.

Lest I forget, I’d like to add that I hope that some of the “ignoramuses” (ignorant people like we commonly say in Nigeria) that were making some shallow noises, using your name to gain relevance in the social media, have now come to terms with who DSA really is. Because of your humility and Christlikeness, you have descended to their level, which is who to relate and do programs with some of them, but they couldn’t handle or manage such relationships. God help them.

We thank you and we thank God most especially for giving you to us. PEACE!


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