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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

The Power Of Will – God’s Gift To Man.

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When it comes to your personal life issues, make sure you are in charge. Take advice from people and not orders. Be a good student, learn from people. Don’t be a blind follower, just doing or repeating what others are doing. Let every action you take or decisions you make be born out of your personal convictions and not just what others ask you to do or want you to do.

God has blessed you with the power of will as a human being. Don’t let anyone or anything deprive you of the power to exercise this God given right and gift. The power to will is what makes you human and differentiates you from animals. You are a superior being, thanks to the power of will and intellect.

Abdicating the right to exercise your will to others is debasing your person from the human level to animal level. In other words don’t let anyone control your life or manipulate you. Stay in charge of your life. Be The Captain Of Your Boat!!!

By Dr. Bien Sufficient

Dr. Bien Sufficient is a Medical Doctor, Pastor, Writer and a Public Speaker.President @Kingdom Lifestyle Movement.


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