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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 31 . 01 . 16


…The bible is a much more realistic book than many Christians would admit today. When I read bible stories like the story of Joseph in Egypt and how God used him to become the prime minster of the nation. I kind of understand that differently than most preachers I hear talk about it. Most people only see God’s miracle here. While I see that besides God’s favor and anointing on Joseph, he also had his own part to play.

Specifically speaking, I don’t see how any human being could have constructed a storage system for a whole nation that stored food stuff and produce for seven years, without some mathematical skills and engineering prowess. That story itself tells me that Christians must be well educated in science and technology, in mathematics and physics. Otherwise without some basic knowledge in this subject, even if God wants to use you to perform such a miracle as with Joseph, you will be at a loss. You will not even know where to start from. You will not know the calculations nor the formula. Meaning you will not be able to give the right instructions to your subordinates, engineers and constructors.

The fact that Joseph was able to deal with this challenge, tells me that prior to that, he had been taken through some form of preparation. He must have studied and must have developed his mind so that he could now be a vessel of honor in the hand of the almighty God.

Alas, in today’s church sometimes we over spiritualize realities, we behave as if we have lost our common sense. Another story that is very inspiring to me in the Bible is the story if Daniel. The whole chapter one of the book of Daniel was dedicated to explaining to us the vigorous preparations Daniel and his friends had to go through. Even though we did not have the privilege to read about Joseph’s stage of preparation, but here God took his time to let us know that only PRIVATE PHILOSOPHIES PRODUCE PUBLIC PERFORMANCES.

Notice that Daniel actually subjected himself to a more stringent level of preparation than was required of him. No wonder at the end of the day, he was found to be ten times smarter than his colleagues PRIVATE PHILOSOPHY DETERMINES PUBLIC PERFORMANCE.

Any public victory must first be attained on the privacy of preparation. The level of your success in privacy determines your public performance. What you practice in seclusion, what you believe in solitude, what you build into your character when alone, determines the glory you experience in the open.

“I believe success is preparation, because opportunity is going to knock on your door sooner or later but are you prepared to answer that?” – Omar Epps

Your public decisions, are only a result of your private philosophies that you either developed or refused to develop. Your visible actions are only a result of your invisible decisions. PRIVATE PHILOSOPHY DETERMINES PUBLIC PERFORMANCE.

PS: Watch out for another new, exciting and life transforming series starting tomorrow. Blessings!


By Pastor Sunday Adelaja

Thank You pastor. I enjoyed every bit of your series : You have really been a blessing to my life. I can't wait for tomorrow's series.
Wow! I just had Church! What you practice in seclusion, what you believe in solitude, what you build into your character when alone, determines the glory you experience in the open! Amazing!

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