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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

“Your Project Of feeding The Hungry In Ukraine Is A Great Motivation To Us and We Are Doing The Same” – Matthew Oluwaniyi

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I am a bi-vocational Pastor based in Nigeria, but got to listen and know more about your resources while I was at US, first 2 years ago and so much more early this year. Thank you for your encouragement, even though I am not close to you personally, God used you a lot for me as we started up a new church (LifePort) about a year ago.

Reading your book (Church Shift), and listening to your videos confirmed a lot of things God had earlier shown/told me.

Currently, our numeric membership strength is about 20. One of the things God directed us to do at LifePort ( was to provide free meals to students (on the campus we operate in) who occasionally have challenge with what to eat at one time or the other.

The project is called #FeedDFuture Project and is accessible to any student irrespective of religion, tribe, or background. Under 2 months we were amazed that the project had given out over 200 free meal tickets. Recently God laid in our heart to expand the project to other institution in our city and we are already working on this.

Hearing your testimony and the feeding project you run at Ukraine has become a great motivation for us. Thank you for your impact in God’s Kingdom.

I look forward to learning more from you. I am already accessing your materials online.

Pastor Sunday, thanks a million for being a blessing. If I think I need beyond what I am getting online, I will sure reach you, but for now am getting loaded already.

Matthew Oluwaniyi


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