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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog
Peter Wagner, Presiding Apostle International Coalition of Apostles

The Great Commission includes saving souls and planting churches, but much more. God’s mandate to us is nothing less than taking dominion of His entire creation here on earth. No one has put this mandate into practice more wisely and effectively than my good friend, Sunday Adelaja. Of all the excellent new books on aggressively advancing the Kingdom of God, this one stands out as being the most practical.

Alexey Ledyaev, Senior Pastor, New Generation Churches, Riga, Latvia

In CHURCHSHIFT, Sunday Adelaja articulates the greatest need Christians have today – for churches not just to be large, but to be large in influence. This book will help not only to build churches but to take nations.

Doug Stringer, Founder and President, Somebody Cares

In today’s fatherless world, where men abdicate their roles and shun responsibility, God must raise up fathers who will accept responsibility for families, communities, and nations. Sunday Adelaja, a fatherless child, has become a father to a nation. This book reveals the Father’s heart and inspires us to act on what is right.

Bishop Dale C. Bronner, D. Min., Word Of Faith Family Worship Cathedral, Atlanta, GA

Just as Moses was a meek leader who impacted change in a nation by the power of God, so has Sunday Adelaja. In a meek, yet bold way, Pastor Sunday shows the world how to make the Gospel socially relevant. His words will challenge you. His story will inspire you!

Paul Louis Cole President, Christian Men’s Network

Favour may open doors, but influence changes nations. Sunday Adelaja is a man of great influence for the cause of Christ. His anointing services in Kiev in a massive sports stadium are so dynamic, diverse, exciting that when they end after five hours, no one wants to leave! Simply spectacular! That is the man Sunday Adelaja – simple truth, spectacular faith, massive results. Catch the largeness of his spirit, and find the greatness of God unfolding in your life.

David A. Sobrepeña, Founding Pastor Word of Hope Church Manila, Philippines

When you read about the awesome experiences of Pastor Sunday, it will inspire you to believe God for “greater things”. I cannot wait to see this book published and read by thousands of pastors and church leaders like me who are hungry for a powerful and extraordinary move of God to impact our cities and nations.

Dr. Ben Lerner; New York Times Best Selling Author and U.S. Olympic Team Physician

If your life needs a revolution, Pastor Sunday has done that as well, described in these pages. His book “ChurchSHIFT” provides God’s model for transformation and the mind-set of a Christ-centered revolution all from an incredible man who has lead and experienced them both.

Dr. Jim Garlow, Senior Pastor, Skyline Wesleyan Church San Diego, CA

Several years ago I was discarding items from an overgrown stack of mail. One brochure caught my eye. As I read, I was gripped by Sunday Adelaja’s brilliant grasp of the interrelationship between biblical truths and public policy. Instead of trashing it, I showed the article to others. If one brochure is that enlightening, think what an entire book might be.

John Sorensen, Executive Vice President, Evangelism Explosion International

Sunday Adelaja and I share a hero – Dr. D. James Kennedy. Through Dr. Kennedy’s passion for both the evangelism mandate and the cultural mandate, Pastor Sunday was inspired to equip his congregation to impact public life. What a mark Pastor Sunday has made on Ukraine, Europe, and the world! I applaud his vision for ministry.

Pastor Robert Barriger, Camino De Vida, Lima, Peru

Sunday Adelaja is one of those new breed of men who is influencing a nation, and modeling a new style of missions. While there are some men who see success in another church or nation and follow their example, Pastor Sunday is that example that men from around the world hear about, and follow. He is a cross-cultural missionary who has made a new mold of what missions can do, to touch a nation. I consider Pastor Sunday a modern day hero of the Faith.

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