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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Saturday’s Daily Nuggets From Pastor Sunday.

from: 08 . 08 . 15



  • If the man that is given 100 dollars a month would invest the money in the profitable project on a regular basis and follow the laws of money, he could become a millionaire.
  • Everyone should take advantage of the time factor and compound interest.
  • Unfortunately the poor are actually becoming poorer not just because of the system we live in, but also because of their mindsets of comparing themselves with the wealthy and the flamboyant lifestyle they see around them.
  • When the poor do not know the real lifestyle of the wealthy and the principles that the wealthy had observed before achieving this lifestyle, the poor will be deceived into pursuing only the end result without observing the preliminary laws of money that the wealthy has always observed.
  • It is important for the poor to know that before the rich spend any amount of money on pleasure, they have actually made ten times the equivalent of the money that would be spent on pleasure.
  • If the laws of money are followed, we will succeed in reducing the amount of poverty that we have in our culture and society today.



By Pastor Sunday Adelaja

4 Comments to “Saturday’s Daily Nuggets From Pastor Sunday.”
Thanks Sir, you are blessing to mankind.
Sir thanks a million for ur insights,from nigeria accent. Pls what's are these laws of money
The 10% rule is a good one. That means I should not make a $100 purchase unless I have $1,000 in the bank, a $1,000 purchase unless there is $10,000 in the bank... Very insightful. @ Edwin - the laws or money are outlined and explained in Pastor Sunday's book - "Money won't make you Rich" The book has been out since 2008, I have read it, it's a great resource.
Thank u sir pastor sunday adelaja,people said is not right pastor should be among d richest what can u say about that riches pastor in nigeria.

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