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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 20 . 08 . 18


Fruitfulness should not be a question of mystery to children of God. To as many as are born of God, fruitfulness should be a birthright. Unfortunately, looking around our world, the sight of lack and deprivation is so common place that you begin to think that fruitfulness is only but for a few.

If you look around you, you will not need to go far to get a confirmation of this notion. A lot of people around us are not near as fruitful as to think that it is their birthright. If fruitfulness is a birthright, it should be such a common place as having children is common place, as going to work is common place. Sad as it may be, even going to work these days does not guarantee fruitfulness. Most people who go to work are no more expecting to be fruitful, because what they get from their jobs is only enough to help them pay their debts. To many people in our world today, the reality is, their jobs only help them keep their heads above water.

To a lot of people the truth is that the only form of fruitfulness they have come to be familiar with is in child bearing. It is almost a common assumption these days that the only form of fruitfulness that is applicable to everyone is in giving birth to children. As untrue as this might be that is the harsh reality of so many people in our world. Many cannot even begin to imagine that they could be fruitful any other way, apart from in giving birth to children.

When we look at the heart of God Almighty through his word however, it is clear that God desires fruitfulness for us in every aspect of life. God wants you to be fruitful for real. It is my belief that the fruitfulness that God is talking about does not have to be limited with physical things. Our fruitfulness should go beyond physical matters. As a matter of fact, our fruitfulness when it is God given should first start from inside out. That means you should be able to be fruitful in spite of anything. You must be able to be fruitful whether you are with people or alone, you must be able to be fruitful no matter your environment, you must be able to be fruitful despite what you have or don’t have.

In Genesis 1:28, God makes it absolutely unapologetic that His position on fruitfulness is unnegotiable. His position is totally unequivocal. From that verse, it is evident that God’s plan for every man is to at least be fruitful in everything he does. Even more certainly so is the fact that God pronounced the blessing to be fruitful upon man. Our assurance of fruitfulness is based on the fact that God did not just command us to be fruitful, He actually blessed us to be fruitful.

“Then God blessed them, and God said to them, Be fruitful…” Gen 1:28a.

 Please, pay attention to the fact that that verse started with blessings. It says God blessed them to be fruitful. So God’s blessing in this case has a purpose. The purpose of God’s blessing is to produce fruitfulness in man. That is to say God intended man never to remain fruitless. To secure and guarantee that goal, He cemented it through the pronouncement of blessings, such that man will not have an excuse or any form of justification not to be fruitful.




By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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