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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 21 . 08 . 18


We have to understand something about God’s blessings, God’s blessings empower you to become whatever he pronounces upon you, so if God blessed us to be fruitful, it means it automatically empowers us for fruitfulness. For illustration sake, you could say, God blessed all His creation and as a result, it is because of the blessing of God upon the seed that gives any seed the inbuilt power to reproduce itself.

I want you to now relate that analogy back to God blessing man to be fruitful. That now implies that through that blessing, God implanted in man the supernatural ability to produce fruits. An indwelt power to be fruitful, just like the seed carries a similar power to reproduce itself. That is what God’s blessings mean.

Let’s use another example, if God blesses you to prosper, that means that blessing automatically converts to an inbuilt energy that begins to dwell inside of you, which perpetually produces prosperity in you. It is that blessing to be fruitful that still works in man till today, which gives man the ability to procreate himself.

The point I am trying to make is the fact that there actually should not be any tangible reason why any man or woman should remain unfruitful. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s do that exercise again: look around you and answer the question, how many people would you say are truly fruitful that you will like to emulate in your environment? I think by far not everyone you see around you are as fruitful. Well that is contrary to God’s order.

The reality of our world today is totally inconsistent with God’s order. God’s order is such that everyone will be fruitful. God’s order is such that everyone will have enough to be happy. God’s order is such that everyone will be satisfied. God’s order is such that everyone through fruitfulness will be able to maintain at least a minimum level of joy and happiness on the earth.

Please note that fruitfulness is just the first stage of the blessings that God Himself empowers man to have in the verse we read above. There are other stages that follow like the stage of multiplication which is also our birthright. We are actually not supposed to stop even at the stage of multiplication. We are already empowered by God to multiply until we subdue and have dominion over some sphere of life or the other.

That however, is not the question we are addressing this week. Our focus is that it is the birthright of everyone made in God’s image to be fruitful, it is your birthright to have results. Ask yourself, where are your results? It is your birthright to produce fruits. Ask yourself, where are your fruits? You have the right to stand on the word of God and lay a claim to your birthright. Don’t remain where life has abandoned you. Don’t remain where family has dejected you. Don’t remain where circumstances have placed you. Find your footing in life. You can start from this foundation. Let your beginning be God and His truth. That truth is on your side. That truth says you should not die unfruitful. That truth says you don’t even have to live with unfruitfulness. Take your stand. Become whom you are meant to be. Begin to produce fruits everywhere.




By Pastor Sunday Adelaja

I blessed to be fruitful in life, to continually producing results. Thank you sir God bless you.

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