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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 22 . 08 . 18


I will be showing you the secrets and processes of how you could be fruitful in everything you do, wherever you are and at all times.

Therefore, my brethren, you also have become dead to the law through the body of Christ, that you may be married to another—to Him who was raised from the dead, that we should bear fruit to God.” Rom 7:4


This scripture reveals to us the secret to continuous fruitfulness. My understanding of this passage is that the law represents the obvious circumstances, conditions of living, limitations, that naturally could have hindered us individually from being fruitful.

Some will talk about coming from a poor family background as the reason for their failure. Yes, in the natural, lack of family support could be a very major constraint. Our families are supposed to be our first support base and in the natural when that is missing, it is quite understandable why people will think they do not stand any chance to succeed. But God in His ultimate wisdom had foreseen even this inhibition. He addresses it by saying; you have been made to become dead to the law through the death of Christ, so that your natural situations do not determine your destiny any longer. God has now raised you up that you might bear fruit to Him.

What this tells us is that one of the reasons why Jesus had to die is for us to be able to bear fruits unto God. God is so much interested in our fruitfulness. He so much needs the fruits that we will bear for Him that He died to set us free even from those excuses that could be excusable in the natural. So reasonable excuses like, lack of family support or being born in a poor family can no longer justify your lack of fruitfulness. Jesus Christ paid the prize for those kinds of reasons, such that those kinds of reasons would not be able to hold you back from your blessings.

This same argument applies to those who say they were born in a poor country like I can say I was born in Africa. My own story has proven to me the redemptive power of what Christ did for us through His death. Never having seen my biological father nor meeting my biological mother until the age of 12. Never wearing shoes till I was 12, never having the ability to read books till 10. Having to go sell and trade in fire woods, corn custard, etc. My condition was worse than it is for most people. Yet, the understanding of this scripture on my coming to Christ empowered me to believe God for more. Jesus paid it all!

In His death, He divorced me from my history of failures. He legally separated me from all forms of claims on me. So that I may now be legally married to Him, that He could begin to determine my destiny. In that scripture we read in Romans 7, in the beginning of the chapter, Apostle Paul did a great job in illustrating how powerful this truth is to us. He compares it to a woman who was married and her husband died. According to the tradition then and now, the brilliant lawyer he was, Apostle Paul submitted his case by arguing that when the husband of this widow dies, she is now legally free to be joined to another man. If the husband were to be alive, she will not be permitted to be joined to another man because, she was still legally married to her living husband.

In this analogy, Paul is trying to tell us that through the death of Christ Jesus, the former alliances we might have had with curses, generational curses, failures, sins, poverty and any other thing that could lay a legal claim on us; things like family history, ancestral arguments, etc. are now broken.




By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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