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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog


from: 24 . 08 . 18


If fruitfulness from labor and work gives us tangible and physical results, fruitfulness from intimacy on the other hand starts with inconspicuous evidence. In this case, intimacy to the unexperienced could look like a waste of time, just like with child bearing. Before that child comes out in the physical, there must be a certain amount of time that passes when a husband and a wife live together. They need some time of intimacy together which could be between a day and a decade sometimes before that intimacy produces its first visible fruit.

Even when conception has taken place after intimacy, that still does not make the fruit visible, it takes another nine long months, of waiting for the child to be physically seen. What is all this telling us? The fruit that intimacy with Christ gives us, will not be immediately visible or seen. If you are not experienced and don’t have faith, you might be discouraged to give up. But if you will continue a prolonged intimate relationship with Christ, the fruit will eventually come.

I remember when I started spending time with the Lord, I was spending 7 days a month of prayers that lasted between 14 to 18 hours a day, yet without obvious or visible results for the first 4 years. After that initial period of time, we experienced an explosion of growth that Europe had not witnessed before.

Permit me to say therefore, that sometimes the reason for our lack of fruitfulness could be the fact that we have not committed ourselves to a quality time of intimacy with our new master and husband. If we depend on the fruitfulness that comes through labor, we might be having quick and more immediate physical results, but they might not necessarily last with the same result that comes through intimacy. All results that take time to manifest later prove to be of a greater quality and substance. As in the example of child bearing, it is difficult to find anything more precious than a child which compensates for the time of intimacy that needed to be paid. The same thing applies when we find time to develop our intimacy with the Lord.

Sometimes when we talk about building a relationship with the Lord, we often think of just prayers. But building intimate relationship with the Lord could be in different forms. Prayers of course will be one way to build such a relationship. Other methods of building a relationship with the Lord will include falling in love with His word. I know people who don’t pray a lot, but are extremely in love with the word. As a result, they are able to do exploits. An example of such people will be the late Kenneth Hagin Sr.

Apart from the word, another form of intimacy we could develop with the Lord is through praise and worship. Just like with David of the Old Testament, one of the strongest forms of building relationship and intimacy with the Lord is through Music, songs, Psalms, etc. We must realize that what is important is not what we do but the relationship that we build. We could be doing different things, but what matters at the end of the day is, were we able to establish a trust worthy relationship?




By Pastor Sunday Adelaja


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