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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Shocking! Atheist Professor Dies, Sees Hell And Comes Back. No One Had To Preach To Him Again!

from: 23 . 06 . 16
3 Comments to “Shocking! Atheist Professor Dies, Sees Hell And Comes Back. No One Had To Preach To Him Again!”
I am so blessed and have learnt a lot from the man of God
Thankyou for the inspirations
hello i would love to believe in god but have failed so far !! in the book of john ch 6 vs 65 clearly say's god chooses you ' you do not choose god . is it my fault or gods ? this man that had his brain starved of oxygen ! surly can not think straight ' when the brain is starved of oxygen it goes into over drive and pumps out masses of Serotonin which try's to jolt you back to live ! and the comment that atheists have a tiny useless god in them ! my hole family are atheists and all of them would stop a sick pedophile from raping a small child to death! if they could ! so this little god is better then your god ' because in the bible it says god just weeps ! that is complicity which under our law system' that is just as evil ! and do you believe children deserve bone cancer at birth and then die . that is far from love ! if your god dose exist ' i would say god has no love in him ' because love is when you put someone needs before yours ! and gods first commandment is love me ! or off to hell with you ! regards graham

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