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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

SHOCKING: How A Prophet Who My Parents Brought Into Our Home Tried To Take My Virginity

from: 08 . 08 . 18

Hello friends,

This is the riveting life experience of one of my disciples. Please read and share it with your friends. It will go a long way to help protect, enlighten and deliver a lot of people from abuse.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja

For The Love Of God, Church and Nation


Growing up wasn’t fun for me because I was born into a strict and disciplined Christian background. I literarily lived each day on rules and regulations. Don’t do that, don’t say that, Say this and say that. I never looked forward to seeing anyone in the morning, because everyone is just dull and uninteresting.   I was restricted by people I called my parents. They literally made living difficult; I thought so then.

My parents are religious to a fault, they believed anyone that prophesied into their lives, and they followed them religiously. It is through zeal for God that I discovered GOD. I started a love relationship with God. I loved HIM, I cherished Him, and I always found time to be with Him. It was through my relationship with God I discovered that I loved writing, so I wrote love letters to my King, the love of my life. I loved and craved His presence. I had my special love language with Him. This new experience started and gave me joy, and it was a real relief from my boring life.

 My parents are religious, and they believe anything anyone says especially when it is a pastor or prophet saying it. My parents saw me as a rebellious and stubborn child because I had never agreed with this path they choose. We were never allowed an audience of any form; my duties were to obey all the rules without complaint.

My parents were introduced to a man called a prophet, and he was invited to my house because it was a privilege to host a man of God. At that time in our lives as a family, we were experiencing financial difficulties and problems. So it was a rare privilege to have a prophet to see in the spirit and discern the situation in my family, and as a result, he became a friend of my household. He came at will to my house, some with invitation and others without invitation. The prophet held series of vigils in my house before I knew it, he became a force to be reckoned with. Over time, he noticed my zeal for GOD, compared to my other siblings, so he decided to go on an adventure with me.

I discovered he told my parents that I had zeal for God and he wants them to allow me to accompany him anytime he needed my service. My parents never sought my thought or approval; they just told me that the prophet wanted me to go with him for ministrations. I agreed, and I went with him. Each time I went out with him on ministrations and other outings disguised as ministrations, he would profess his love for me. He would tell me how he loved me and cared for me. He promised to take care of me and spoil me with money if I agreed to be his mistress.

On every occasion, I bluntly refused and told him I would never be his mistress. He asked if I was a virgin, which I responded with a positive affirmation. With that knowledge, he persisted even more.  There was an occasion; he took me to a church building where he lived and was determined to have sex with me. I have never been more determined in my life never to have sex before marriage, and even at that point God helped me because he had never been forceful, but he used his position and riches to try to persuade me to sleep with him.

I refused. He went inside, and after some minutes he returned. He was angry and spoke in a rude way. He said he had never been denied sex by anyone, particularly with the tactics he used. He told me he masturbated and had to clean up. He stated that he had slept with several virgins and my refusal still disturbs him. I said to him, I vowed to keep myself, and I will stand on it. He said I was stupid and naïve despite my parent’s financial problems. He promised to take me on different trips to different countries when I go to the university (I just got admission into the university in Nigeria). He said he knows my parents are strict, but when I got to the university, I would have all the freedom to date him. Then he told me to contact him with the numbers he gave me.

I collected the phone numbers. At this point he stopped disturbing me and continued coming to my house, he thought I had accepted, and I was just waiting to go to the University. When I got to the University in a different part of the country, I destroyed all his contact information and never contacted him. All these happened 13 years ago.

For the first time in 13 years, as I was communicating with the Holy Spirit this morning in the kitchen, this experience was replayed in my Spirit and I was having an urge and passion to doing something about this experience. That was why I wrote to you about it, I am sensing in my Spirit, that there is an action l needed to take regarding this experience. So I started thinking:

1)    Why didn’t I accept and do what the man asked since my parents approved him and he is a prophet?

2)    Why didn’t I tell my parents this experience?

3)    How can I relate this experience to my life purpose?

4)    What are my duties as a mother to my children?

5)    Will I have played along if I had no relationship with GOD?

6)    Was it the will power not to defile myself before marriage that helped me?

After the above questions, I was able to speak to myself, and I got some answers. I don’t want to assume I have gotten all the answers, so the reason I am sending this experience to you is to share it on your platform and I believe that people especially parents will get a clearer picture and a good understanding of my life’s experience and be alert because this is still happening.

Your Disciple

United Kingdom


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