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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Shocking! This Is How Much Money I Make From My Books – {Video}

from: 18 . 04 . 19
3 Comments to “Shocking! This Is How Much Money I Make From My Books – {Video}”
Hi Sir Am writing from the Republic of Congo. I have been following you on Youtube for sometime now and I would love to have some of your books if possible especially on Personality development. Do you have any bookshop in Central Africa where we can buy the hard copies. Thanks and regards
This website can help get any of Pastor Sunday's books to you. Please contact them.
Please sir. I recently discovered your channel on the youtube and has taken careful interest in your course. I have been persuaded to follow your mentorship as I passionately pursue a course to set a programme before the end of the year to begin to address value system in Nigeria starting from my church, my community, then the nation at large. I just bought a book of yours from the Bible Wonderland Bookstore in Lagos with the title - Nigeria and the Leadership Question last week Thursday. As I kept downloading and listening to your message especially the recently concluded April 2019 HMT programme, I discovered that some of the books that I would dire need are listed but I don't know whether I can still benefit from the price slash. I discovered that a course that I am seeking to work on in Nigeria using the Kingdom based principles, I discovered that I have to build a system but I need to further study and then build it accordingly. I therefore need to get some books including those on finance - How to get money that I need, daily planner and host of others that were there mentioned. Kindly help me by extending the discount benefit to me and guide on how I can get them in Nigeria sir. I eagerly wait to hear from you in this regard. Thank you sir for fighting to destroy the hold of religious spirit in our nation as I also eagerly wait to be part of the course for the New Nigeria Project.

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