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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

In this book you’ll discover
1. A man or a mouse is a proverbial expression to express risk or encourage a person to be daring
2. A man is anyone who has developed virtues like perseverance, persistence, and tenacity.
3. A man is known for his willpower.
4. A man can also be referred to as a personality
5. A man can only be measured by the level of the development of his soul (mind, will, and emotion)
6. On the contrary, a mouse is so scared, weak-willed and easily throws in the towel at any slight challenge or obstacle
7. A mouse is a Biomass who is just existing.
8. They lack the willpower and persistence to pull through difficulties and leverage on challenges.
9. Only 3% of people living are actually “Personalities” (which also can represent Man) while 97% of people are mere Biomasses (which represents Mouse).
10. You will see the ways to strengthen and develop your own will, build qualities that would transform you from being a mouse, a biomass to becoming a man, a personality


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