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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Only God Can Save Nigeria: What a Myth? (Kindle)

In this book, you will find: • That while we are singing “Only God Can Save Nigeria”, God is saying only we can fix Nigeria. • A pathway for national transformation through God-loving citizens • Simple and practical steps to transforming any nation. • Insightful solutions and practical steps to restoring the glory of our great nation Nigeria. • How the church in Nigeria has abandoned her responsibility and is now telling God to add our responsibility to His. • Why the people of Nigeria must stop complaining about the failure of the government to deliver and why we must begin to take responsibility for the “garden” (Nigeria) that God has given us • How to discover your own special area of influence that you are custom made to bring heavens solution to in Nigeria • That God has created and packaged skills, talents and abilities in you, not to be used in heaven but to be used to salvage Nigeria • That Joseph did not have to be a prophet, pastor, evangelist to solve Egypt’s problem. So you too don’t need to have a title to contribute your quota to resolve Nigeria’s problems • How you can begin to use your vocation and calling as platform for God and nation.

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