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Sunday Adelaja'sBlog

Insulted By Ungodliness: Raising a generation of the provoked in every nation

This book presents to you: 1. The need to fight injustice everywhere 2. What should be the Christian attitude to ungodliness 3. Biblical examples of how to deal with injustice 4. Historical facts of how ungodliness is being defeated in our generation 5. What you can do about injustice in your neighborhood 6. The ordinances of justice 7. William Wilberforce and the abolition movement 8. Martin Luther King Jr. and his fight against injustice in America 9. Moses as champion against ungodliness in the Old Testament 10. Mary Slessor and her revolution against ungodliness in the old Nigeria 11. How Martin Luther’s fight against ungodliness led to the reformation of the church 12. A case study of how Nelson Mandela stood against ungodliness in South Africa 13. How you can attain significance by fighting against ungodliness 14. The root of ungodliness 15. How to become a part of the provoked generation

Reader’s review:

“Insulted by ungodliness is sure to become an undisputed masterpiece around the world. With the methodical approach to the subject, both scholar and everyone else can read it, understand it  and take right action.  Dr. Sunday Adelaja has taken the hard work out of the process, he has given us steps to follow in order to confront any form of ungodliness and win. Reading Insulted by ungodliness will stair up holy anger in the hearts of millions of people who will be equipped through the expository work done by Dr. Adelaja. We can no longer be fearful and passive!  A must read for anyone who wished they knew how to confront ungodliness at any level in live. I an thrilled to know that millions of lives will be transformed and empowered to take on ungodliness through the wisdom in this book. It is by far the best book I have read on the subject in forty years.”
– Bishop Richard Eberiga 

“Dr. Sunday Adelaja, is one of the most prolific writers and advocate for justice, equity and fair play I have ever seen. His work in Ukraine, where his Church “The Embassy of God for All Nations”, has played a huge role in political, educational and societal advancement of the under-privileged, has created a veritable platform for his book “Insulted by Ungodliness”.

For years, many good people, with good conscience, have been pressured by ignorance, fear and societal norms to keep quiet and accept or condone ungodliness and injustice, while gross darkness continues to envelop our nations. Over time, many have become indifferent and complacent, while others are quietly enduring the pains and anger caused by ungodliness, without the realization that they can do something about it.

In this book ‘Insulted by ungodliness’, Dr. Adelaja underscores the need for godly people to recognize that they have a right to be angry over injustice and ungodliness and do something to checkmate, stop or condemn these vices. While the godly will not have to carry arms, or become confrontational to express anger and displeasure at the injustice and ungodliness around them, they should realize that the voice is still the most viable tool of protest and they should not keep quiet but speak out against evil because a closed mouth is a closed destiny.

This book is thus a classic, aimed at reawakening our responsibility towards God and man in condemning and standing against evil. I recommend it as a manual and guide for all those who want to make and experience positive and godly changes in their societies and nations.”

– Kezie Nwachukwu

“Every human being alive that have reached the age of accountability should feel insulted anytime we witness any injustices anywhere.
Dr. Sunday Adelaja in this book has addressed the issue of ungodliness and injustice and he takes you through this book to help you, no matter whether you believe in God or not.
It sensitize you to ungodliness and why every citizen need to feel insulted whenever we encounter injustices and ungodliness in our societies.
The book gives you both biblical and real life examples of people in history who offered solutions to injustices and ungodliness in their generations.
You will learn how to develop the mindset of godliness and how to make godliness part of your daily living. You will learn how to effectively influence others to make godliness part of their daily living also.
You will discover how to develop a life of significance and how to use your influence to promote godliness in your circle of influence and how to provoke your generation to embrace godliness in every action. In doing so, the whole world will be a better place for everyone.”
 – Dr. Oladimeji Sosunke

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